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Streamline and take back control of your finances and explore how different types of businesses are using HostBooks accounting software.


Powerful features that transform your accounting experience

Cloud accounting

Being cloud-based, you can seamlessly access your account and manage business finances from anywhere at anytime.

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Powered by Automation

Automate your repetitive accounting processes, such as billing, managing expenses, and reconciliation, making time for growing your business.

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Centralized Customer Portal

You can use one set of login credentials to access all the right tools to meet your accounting needs, eliminating upfront infrastructure costs.

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Customized Invoicing

Create and send customized invoices to your clients, helping you get paid faster and reduce the stress of chasing payments.

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AI-based Bank Reconciliation

Connect and securely import your entire bank transactions, which can then automatically categorized into income and expenses.

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Inventory Valuation
Inventory Valuation

Keep track of your sales, purchases, stock levels, and inventory valuation in real-time to make informed decisions regarding merchandising.

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Fixed Asset Management

Add and track your business's fixed assets, including hardware equipment and office supplies, to gain better control over your finances and compliance.

Term Discount Management

You can increase sales and optimize your cash flow by offering discounts with either prorated discount terms or dynamic discounting.

Intelligent Dashboard

Get essential business information, such as invoice analysis and bill analysis, in one place to stay updated on income, expenses, as well as profit & loss.

Document Management

Go paperless by storing and managing your documents securely on the cloud, allowing you to access on the move.

Automated bank feeds

Set up your bank feeds to securely import and sync all your transactions, allowing you to keep track of your finances.

Responsibility Management

Add and set up roles and permissions for multiple users based on their expertise, ensuring protection against unauthorized access.

What makes HostBooks accounting software different?

Collaborate in Real-time

Collaboration in Real-time

You can create multiple companies and invite several users for real-time collaboration on the same company file.

Data Backup and Restoration

Data Backup and Restoration

Our cloud accounting software automatically saves and restores your data to keep it safe, even during a system crash.

Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

As per your business requirements, HostBooks online accounting software automatically scales the resources up and down.

One-stop solution for all
your accounting needs

Transform the way you manage your business finances

Frequently Asked Questions on Accounting Software?

Can I add multiple GSTIN in the accounting software?

HostBooks offers GST-ready accounting software, meaning you can add GSTIN while creating a company, which then fetches your business information automatically. Then, you can add multiple GSTIN in the accounting software through the "Add GSTIN" option in the "Organization Settings" menu.

Yes, you can fetch data from a bank's portal. You can do the same for multiple banks as well as several accounts in a single bank.

Yes, HostBooks is automated accounting software and is capable of calculating the depreciation automatically. It also has the option to calculate the same manually.

You can change the layout for both the P/L account and Balance Sheet. Furthermore, you can also group or consolidate accounts as per your business requirements.

HostBooks accounting software has different modules to help businesses manage their expenses effortlessly.

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