How to Cancel an E-Way Bill in HostBooks E-Way Bill Software?

Step 1:

  • Go to E-Way Bills on the left.
step 1

Step 2:

  • Click on E-Way Bills Generate.
step 2

Step 3:

  • Now you have a list of all the e-way bills generated or already cancelled.
  • Choose the e-way bill you want to cancel.
step 3

Step 4:

  • Go to Update Transportation Details drop-down menu.
  • Select Cancel-EWB from the drop-down menu as shown on the screen.
step 4

Step 5:

  • Select the Status from the drop-down menu i.e. why are you cancelling the e-way bill.
  • Enter Remarks if any.
  • Click on Cancel.
step 5

Step 6:

  • If you click on Print, you’ll see the word Cancelled on the screen.
step 6