Section 101 : Appeals to the Appellate Tribunal – Appeals And Revision
June 10, 2017
Section 103 : Procedure of Appellate Tribunal – Appeals And Revision
June 10, 2017

Section 102 : Orders of Appellate Tribunal – Appeals And Revision


102. Orders of Appellate Tribunal

(1) The Appellate Tribunal may, after giving the parties to the appeal an opportunity of being heard, pass such orders thereon as it thinks fit, confirming, modifying or annulling the decision or order appealed against or may refer the case back to the First Appellate Authority, or the revisional authority, as the case may be, or to the original adjudicating authority, with such directions as it may think fit, for a fresh adjudication or decision, as the case may be, after taking additional evidence, if necessary.

(2) The Appellate Tribunal may, if sufficient cause is shown, at any stage of hearing of an appeal, grant time, from time to time, to the parties or any of them and adjourn the hearing of the appeal for reasons to be recorded in writing:

PROVIDED that no such adjournment shall be granted more than three times to a party during hearing of the appeal.

(3) The Appellate Tribunal may amend any order passed by it under sub-section (1) so as to rectify any mistake apparent from the record, if such mistake is noticed by it on its own accord, or is brought to its notice by the Commissioner of GST or the other party to the appeal within a period of three months from the date of the order:

PROVIDED that no amendment which has the effect of enhancing an assessment or reducing a refund or input tax credit or otherwise increasing the liability of the other party, shall be made under this sub-section, unless the Appellate Tribunal has given notice to him of its intention to do so and has allowed him a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

(4) The Appellate Tribunal shall, where it is possible to do so, hear and decide every appeal within a period of one year from the date on which it is filed.

(5) The Appellate Tribunal shall send a copy of every order passed under this section to the First Appellate Authority or the revisional authority, or the original adjudicating authority, as the case may be, the appellant, the jurisdictional Commissioner of CGST and the jurisdictional Commissioner of SGST.

(6) Save as provided in section 106 or section 107, orders passed by the Appellate Tribunal on an appeal shall be final.

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