Section 126 : Admissibility of micro films, facsimile copies of documents and computer printouts as documents and as evidence – Presumption As To Documents
June 10, 2017
Section 128 : Liability of agent and principal – Liability To Pay In Certain Cases
June 10, 2017

Section 127 : Liability in case of transfer of business – Liability To Pay In Certain Cases


127. Liability in case of transfer of business

(1) Where a taxable person, liable to pay tax under this Act, transfers his business in whole or in part, by sale, gift, lease, leave and license, hire or in any other manner whatsoever, the taxable person and the person to whom the business is so transferred shall jointly and severally be liable wholly or, as the case may be, to the extent of such transfer, to pay the tax, interest or any penalty due from the taxable person up to the time of such transfer, whether such tax, interest or penalty has been determined before such transfer, but has remained unpaid or is determined thereafter.
(2) Where the transferee or the lessee of a business referred to in subsection (1) carries on such business either in his own name or in some other name, he shall be liable to pay tax on the supply of goods and/or services effected by him with effect from the date of such transfer and shall, if he is an existing taxable person, apply within the prescribed time for amendment of his certificate of registration.

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