Section – 115G : Return of income not to be filed in certain cases
March 1, 2018
Section – 115-I : Chapter not to apply if the assessee so chooses
March 1, 2018

Section – 115H : Benefit under Chapter to be available in certain cases even after the assessee becomes resident

115H. Where a person, who is a non-resident Indian in any previous year, becomes assessable as resident in India in respect of the total income of any subsequent year, he may furnish to the Assessing Officer a declaration in writing along with his return of income46 under section 139 for the assessment year for which he is so assessable, to the effect that the provisions of this Chapter shall continue to apply to him in relation to the investment income derived from any foreign exchange asset being an asset of the nature referred to in sub-clause (ii) or sub-clause (iii) or sub-clause (iv) or sub-clause (v) of clause (f) of section 115C; and if he does so, the provisions of this Chapter shall continue to apply to him in relation to such income for that assessment year and for every subsequent assessment year until the transfer or conversion (otherwise than by transfer) into money of such assets.


  1. Subhendu Chaudhuri says:

    I am an Individual , Resdent tax payer . Idon’t want anyreleif against sec.115H . The question is how to say ‘no’ . because there is no green block against it . Wthout it the validity is failing .

  2. uma nirgudkar says:

    part A general in the return there is a question – whether director of company, cannot be filled because it is protected field. similarly with Gross amount in the TDS sheet

    • Sunil Dutt says:

      Procedural Part –
      – ‘Whether you are Director in a company at any time during the previous year?’ is applicable only in case of Individual. if your status is other than Individual then this field shall be disable because it is not applicable in this case.
      – ‘Gross Amount’ field in schedule TDS shall be disable because it is not applicable if you are selecting “Not applicable (only in case of TDS is deducted u/s 194N)” in the column ‘Head of Income’.

      Technical Part – If you are using Excel utility to file income tax return then you need to follow the below steps:
      – After download and extract this ZIP file of excel utility into a folder, open excel utility in editing mode by clicking on “Enable Editing” to enter data in utility.
      – Before enter any details, you need to enable macros properly by clicking on “Enable Content” option showing top of excel utility.
      – After that you can enter your details in cells which are indicating in Green color.
      – Don’t use cut, copy and paste option for data entry.

      Note: For further details, please check system requirements given on e-filing website for using utilities to file income tax return..

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