Section – 69B : Amount of investments, etc., not fully disclosed in books of account
February 28, 2018
Section – 69D : Amount borrowed or repaid on hundi
February 28, 2018

Section – 69C : Unexplained expenditure, etc

69C. Where in any financial year an assessee has incurred any expen- diture and he offers no explanation about the source of such expenditure or part thereof, or the explanation, if any, offered by him is not, in the opinion of the Assessing Officer, satisfactory, the amount covered by such expenditure or part thereof, as the case may be, may be deemed to be the income of the assessee for such financial year :

Provided that, notwithstanding anything contained in any other provision of this Act, such unexplained expenditure which is deemed to be the income of the assessee shall not be allowed as a deduction under any head of income.

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