Latest Change(HSN Summery, TDS, TCS…) Updated with 2A Advanced recon report, hbAccounts & hbGST (eInvoicing Details) Sync Enhanced.
April 26, 2021
hbTAX enable with latest Changes for ITR-I & IV with compare calculator
May 13, 2021

2B Reconciliation Process with Analytical reports

2B Reconciliation & features Enhancement.

2B Reconciliation Process with inwards (Purchase)
2B Reconciliation Analytics reports & View
Tickets/Enhancements –
  • 15519 → Print Template-1 Enhanced with reverse charge.
  • 15374 → ITC 4 Json update as per latest schema.
  • 15542 → 2b Recon With purchase implemented.
  • 15214 → Enhance filter option with date.
  • 15487 → GSTR-4A credit note export in excel enhancement.
  • 15484 → GSTR-4A credit note export in excel enhancement.
  • 15480 → GSTR-4A credit note export in excel enhancement.
  • 15535 → GSTR-4A credit note export in excel enhancement.
  • 15184 → Print template enhancement.
  • 8644 → GSTR-1 Report enhancement.

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