New Neo Mobile Version released with Reconcile, Reports, Transaction settings, Import Inventory, Party Credit Limit & Credit Days, Free Quantity and Description.
January 13, 2023
In this release the option of manual CSI file selection has been enabled, and the option of deduction entry split has been given.
January 29, 2023

Bar Code Print, JCC on Projects

Bar Code Print, JCC on Projects

  • Barcode Print
  • Job Completion Certificate on Project
  • Fixed some Customer issues.

Barcode Print: With this release, we have provided to Barcode print option. You can generate Barcode of Product Information like Name, Classifications & Attributes, etc. You can fast and accurate recording of transactions by scanning Barcode through Barcode Reader.

Available Here: Settings → Template Configuration → Barcode Print

Please referrer below screenshot for your help.


Select Barcode template from Print Template


Click on Barcode print


Job Completion Certificate on Project: With this release, we have provided to Job Completion Certificate for Service task in Projects. You can give Service completion certificate of projects.

Available Here: Projects →Task

Please referrer below screenshot for your help.


Click on Service Task


Click on JCC Details


Enter JCC Details


Click on Preview


Bugs: We have fixed some Customer issues.

Bug Id Discription
21746 Unable to open the Fixed Assets Report
21745 Getting an error 500 when clicking on Bank Reconciliation Summary or Bank Reconciliation Detail.
21981 Unable to Import Purchase Invoice
21899 Some State is not coming as per PIN Code
Internal After Search from listing page, Item per page data is not showing.

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