Incorporation of latest File Validation Utility (FVU) version 6.7
June 15, 2020
Invoice upload status for GSTR-1 and bulk delete message for deleting sales and purchase invoices
June 22, 2020

New UI, consolidated and bulk e-way bill generation, and JSON schema and version update

You can now generate consolidated e-way bills and create e-way bills in bulk. The UI of the e-way bill application is also updated to give it a similar look as the GST application.

  • Bulk e-way bill generation
  • Consolidated e-way bill generation
  • JSON schema and version update
  • Updated user interface with a new color theme the same as the GST application.
Generate single/bulk e-way bill

e-way bill software

Consolidated e-way bill generation page

e-way bill software

Consolidated bill listing page

e-way bill software

Consolidated bill print

e-way bill software

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