hbTAX enable with latest Changes with JSON upload for ITR-1 & 4 and ITR-3 enabled with all latest changes
August 6, 2021
Role Permission, Alerts and Notification, Sales Invoice Direct Print, Delivery Challan Direct Print, Add Button for Create transaction, Addition of few fields: Print Template, Custom field add in UI and Template, Custom and Sales Export
August 19, 2021

Recon Mail with Attachment, Purchase DRN/CRN Print Template & many more

Recon Mail with Attachment, Purchase DRN/CRN Print Template & many more...


Print option provided for Purchase Debit/Credit Note.


GSTR2A & Purchase recon report can send with attachment

Few Enhancement/Updated in Existing features
  • GSTR-4 and CMP08 quarter period option Enhanced.
  • Tax rate (28%) added in Item mater.
  • Now GSTR3B report download in case of special character in company name.
  • “Select all” checkbox available in Advance, BOS and Delivery challan ( Sale and Purchase).
Tickets/ Enhancement Features:
  • SEZ Custom Import Issue Fixed.
  • GSTR-4A download issue Fixed.
  • Client master download issue Fixed.
  • Discount % print issue Fixed.
  • Purchase BOS from hbAccount Sync issue fixed.
Referenced Tickets

14385, 17184, 17245, 17240, 17281.

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