Delete deductees in bulk and all form reports updated as per the latest gazette.
April 24, 2020
Download GSTR-9C JSON file, download GSTR-2A with invoice detail, and auto-fetch PAN with GSTIN
May 2, 2020

Updates to UI, edit sales purchase invoice number, and GSTR-9C Part-V Auditor verification certificate added.

Some updates to the interface have been made like in the header, business name replaced with GSTIN, and the setting menu added to the left-side panel. Bulk delete button (X) has been moved to the top of the listing page, and you can now edit the sales purchase invoice number.

  • UI update in the header and GSTIN has replaced the business name on the top-left side
  • Setting menu added to the left-side panel
  • Bulk delete button (X) moved to the top of the listing page
  • Edit the sales purchase invoice number
  • Delete purchase and purchase credit/debit notes in bulk
  • Added GSTR-9C Part-V auditor verification certificate
  • Major & minor bugs fixed
  • GSTR-2A & GSTR-3B reconciliation order by financial month
  • GSTR-1 JSON download issue fixed
  • Fixed composition sales & purchase redirection issues
  • Calculation issue fixed in all the sales and purchase screen of GSTR-1 and GSTR-4
  • Fixed debit/credit note sync issue through Tally.
UI header update & GSTIN displayed in place of username
Setting added in the left-side menu
Changed position of the delete button
Edit sales purchase invoice number
GSTR-9C Part-V auditor verification certificate added

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