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September 26, 2019
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Is Artificial Intelligence Capable of Replacing Accountants?

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Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that is set to change several industries. Artificial intelligence has already started bringing about changes in sectors like manufacturing, retail, agriculture, etc. With sectors changing, accounting cannot be left behind. There is a lot of scope for change in the accounting sector.

Over the next few years, there are many expectations from artificial intelligence and its changes. A lot of new developments and technologies will change how we see accounting as a sector in totality. From job roles to many minor tasks, all of them will have a new face.

Accounting has not seen many changes for years now. Accounting is one of the most stable sectors of all time. Accounting is the backbone of many industries. In contrast to its importance, technological developments have been limited.

The introduction of artificial intelligence has been a boon to accounting. This is for the first time in years that accounting will have to go through such drastic changes. One cannot help but anticipate the various changes accounting is set to encounter.

Some of these expectations given by various theorists include:

  • A new office structure with more machines and robots
  • Several new job introductions for employees all over the industry
  • New skill requirements for employees
  • Less confusion and errors in work
  • Secure work environment
  • More strategic and analysis based work
  • Increase in number of software and technologies assisting accountants

Therefore, the changes anticipated are going to give accounting a new face. This is just the beginning, there is much more to look out for. Artificial intelligence has just started taking step towards accounting, we cannot fully take into view all the possibilities awaiting.

Every sector has its own ways of changing; accounting to be going through a phase.

With all these changes happening, what do accountants have in store to look out for?

The whole idea of artificial intelligence is to make work more user-friendly for all the employees. It has been a basic requirement for accountants to be able to process data for ages. However, they are trained for a lot more.

Accountants are trained for strategies and analysis; ranging beyond basic tasks. The analysis that accountants and only accountants can do are very crucial. Changes have to be made every minute and it requires quick reflexive skills. This kind of job is not for machines to conduct. A machine cannot match the skill-based requirements of an accountant.

The only thing the accountants have to look out for now is progress.

Tasks of a Robot

The scientists have already looked into a set of skills that robots can perform for you. Robots will be assistants to accounts, while they complete strategies.

These tasks include:

  • Basic accounting tasks
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Invoice categorization
  • Risk assessment
  • Audit process
  • Invoice payments

Robots will do any data related tasks. This will ease out the burden on accountants and make work simpler. Since decades, this it been very difficult accountants to juggle all the tedious work. Finally, they use their skills up to maximum capacity without any hindrance.

Embrace the Future

The spread of artificial intelligence is unreal, and there is no beating it. The best way is to use it for your own best use. Here are some ways you can embrace this technology like never before.

  • Integrate artificial intelligence in your company and get a hold of it
  • Acquire skills used to handle the software of artificial intelligence
  • Use artificial intelligence as a solution to your problems and enhance customer experience
  • Use artificial intelligence to produce better work and hold on to your clients
  • Work on your analyzing and strategizing skills. Use your skills to provide real and effective solutions to your clients. This will help you keep a strong grip on your clientele

Artificial intelligence is a blessing in disguise; make the best use of it!


With artificial intelligence all set to create a stir in the accounting sector only one outlook is possible; positivity. Here are a few reasons why artificial intelligence is about bring to you the best experience of your accounting career:

Benefit #1: Progress is essential for every profession. Accounting as an industry has been relatively stable and sorted. This is not a negative feature, but now it has so much scope for growth.

With the use of artificial intelligence, accounting can reach new heights. There is going to be a little transitional difficulty but it is only temporary. Once you encounter a more positive approach, you are all set for a better journey ahead of you. Thus, artificial intelligence is raising the bar of difficulty of accounting only to make it flourish later.

Benefit #2: Say good-bye to all the errors that come your way. Every task performed by artificial intelligence is error and fault free. This means that none of your clients is going to get disappointed, your calculations will be on point, and your performance will be at its all-time best. Artificial intelligence is thus the best assistant to its employees.

Benefit #3: Finally, you can actually get more clients to hire you. Artificial intelligence is a win all technology and you do not need to hold back anymore. You work for multiple clients without facing any work pressure. You have the best technology assisting you; profits are your only concern.

Change the way you see these changes and you will understand what is heading towards you.

The Practical Approach

Artificial intelligence is on its verge of changing accounting as a sector. In addition, it has already been said that this is the best thing that can happen to this sector. As an accountant, you need to have a look at its practical usage as well. Every task done by software will make your work simpler. Here are a few examples:

  • Reduction of costs in various arrears
  • A better consumer experience which helps to attract more clients
  • No errors and mistakes possible with machines at work
  • Stable internal process and good results every time
  • Does not replace existing IT systems, rather it will leverage them like an employ
  • Continued service; 24*7 service without failure
  • Saves time and money
  • Quick delivery of work, reduces chances of pending work
  • Enhances employ experience

This list can go up and it will with every next step that artificial intelligence take. The benefits are endless, making artificial intelligence the best change in accounting so far. The benefits are never-ending. Imagine if your work environment adapted these changes, the dream has come true.

The Future

Therefore, no, artificial intelligence is not going to replace humans in the accounting sector. It rather aims to enhance the human experience in multiple directions. Artificial intelligence is one of the most forward technological developments and humans have to learn to embrace it in the right way.

The process of letting this technology might look a little hard but change your outlook to look at the bright side. As an accountant, your job is going to be easier, simpler, error-free, stress-free, and most importantly assisted by your personal artificially intelligent clients. So gear up for changes and embrace the future.

Artificial intelligence is developed as an assistant for accounts; it is time for them to take charge.

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