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HostBooks allows you to generate optimal financial reports
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Stay updated on your progress

HostBooks software automates a whole range of repetitive tasks such as billing, invoicing, and transaction reconciliation. You can easily streamline your accounting processes and get rid of the paperwork.


Customized reports that suit your needs

With HostBooks financial reporting and analysis software, you can prepare tailored reports that meet your business requirements. Set the customized settings as default and generate reports just when you need them.


Keep up with your business

Whether measuring your overall performance or the performance of each segment of the business, HostBooks financial reporting software allows you to look into the numbers wherever you are.


Get business insights at
a glance

You can easily view key business performance indicators from your dashboard. This will not only save time but also help you know what's moving in and out of your business on the go.


Work collaboratively with
your team

With HostBooks financial analysis software for accountants, you can easily run business reports and share it with your team, accountant or bookkeeper. You can also allow them to create and publish reports on your behalf.

A rundown on how the best financial reporting
software benefits you


Streamlines the internal processes and reduces the cost


A better insight into risks and opportunities


Performance comparison with the defined benchmarks


Influences long-term management and business plans


Improves reputation and brand strategy

Know how your business is performing in real-time?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on automated Financial Reports

How to view the transactions for a particular account?

To view transactions for any particular account, you will first need to click on the Reports menu and then click on Account Summary. Next, you need to select the account of your choice from the Account field and if required, select the start and end date. Finally, click on the Search button to view all the transactions.

A general ledger report contains the opening and closing balances of your accounts and also includes every transaction in an account, without any limitation on the number of rows. To download it, first, click on the reports menu. Next, click on General Ledger under the Accounting section. Now, select the account(s) and select a date range for which you want the report to be generated, and then click on the Search button. Finally, click on Export and select a file format (PDF, Excel or CSV) to download your file.

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