role based access

Role-Based Access Control

HostBooks accounting software sets up user roles and permission to secure your company’s sensitive data and important applications. It also comes with User Management Module that has customized roles and responsibilities. This enables you to assign work to the users based on their expertise or your business requirement.

Benefits of Role-Based Access Control

  • Keeps track of users accessing important information
  • Improves the security standards
  • Controls multiple access across multiple segments
  • Users get access to what they need and nothing more
  • Maximizes operational efficiency
benefits role based access

Why HostBooks Role-Based Access Control?

Give each user access to the data and applications he needs to complete his task. HostBooks accounting software prevents your data from getting leaked, stolen, corrupted or compromised. With defined roles and responsibilities, you can also manage new users or guest users easily which is otherwise difficult to manage and is time-consuming too.

why role based access

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