Payment Vault integrated
November 11, 2020
New option provided to select Delivery Challan Type.
November 23, 2020

New Feature IRN generation and Cancel option are released.

New Feature IRN generation and Cancel option for Sales Credit Note and Debit Note are released.

  • New Feature IRN generation, Cancel option for Sales Credit Note, and Debit Note are released.
  • New Feature IRN Generation and Cancel option for Export Invoice are released.
  • New Feature E-Way bill generation for Export Invoice by using IRN Number has been added.
  • New filed in sales to enter Customer Shipping Name (For E-Invoice Purpose) has been added.
  • New feature Export E-invoice Data in excel has been added.
  • A New Custom Import option on the dashboard to import multiple GSTIN Sales data has been released.
  • More fields in Excel Import and Custom Import – Customer Shipping Name, Customer Shipping Address, Customer Shipping City, Customer Shipping State, and Customer Shipping PIN Code have been added.
Credit/Debit Notes option in the left-hand side menu
Credit and Debit note E-Invoice Listing page
Export Invoice Generate IRN option
Customer Shipping Name field in sales
New option Custom Import and Download E-Invoice data on the dashboard

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