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automated bank feeds

Import your bank transactions efficiently and make time
for your core processes.

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Connect multiple banks and banks accounts

With our online accounting software, you can import transactions automatically from any number of banks using different account credentials. This makes managing your multiple bank accounts a lot easier.


Banks around the globe supported

HostBooks automated accounting software uses Plaid that allows you to search through thousands of banks and credit unions. Be it state-level, national or international banks, you can effortlessly connect bank feeds.

Seamlessly categorize and reconcile transactions

Once your bank transactions securely flow into the accounting software, you can either categorize each transaction or simply confirm what HostBooks automatically suggests.


Stay updated on
your finances

With a complete overview of your cash flow and finances on a central dashboard, you can easily keep track of your income and expenses.


Ensure accuracy and
save time

You can automate the process of entering your bank transactions into HostBooks, thereby, making time for the things that matter. This also reduces the chances of errors from manual entry.


Highly secure to keep
you at peace

After connecting to your bank account, our accounting software securely imports transactions and keeps all your business data safe and secure with advanced security.

A rundown on how HostBooks bank
reconciliation software benefits you


Saves time by importing bank transactions automatically


Keep track of cash flow and make informed business decisions


Connect multiple bank accounts and simplify accessing bank feeds all under one accounting software.


An overview of the money moving in and out of your business, in one place


Easily categorize your transactions and match each payment to respective invoices

Having trouble setting up bank feeds?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Automated Bank Feeds

What is a bank feed?

A bank feed is an excellent feature in HostBooks accounting software that lets you connect to your bank accounts and automatically import transactions. Thereafter, the transactions are matched with the corresponding invoices, reducing the time spent on manually entering the data and reconciling accounts.

Small businesses spend most of their time categorizing bank transactions into income and expenses because this helps to track the money coming in and going out of the business. To save time and reduce potential errors, businesses as well as accounting professionals can use online accounting software that easily connects to the bank account to import transactions securely and automatically categorize most transactions.

To set up automated bank feeds, you can directly connect HostBooks accounting software to your bank account and import all your transactions with ease.

In the case of automated bank feeds, your transactions are automatically imported to HostBooks accounting software from your bank account. However, for a bank account that you have set up manually, you will need to manually refresh for the latest balance.

If the bank balances in HostBooks accounting software does not match with the balances on your bank statements, there might be errors and/or omissions that need to be addressed. One of the reasons is when there is no entry of a transaction in books but it is in statements. For this, you can use the cash coding feature for manual entry of the transaction.

To cancel an automated bank feed, you can remove its connection to HostBooks accounting software.

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