Monitor your cash flow with
automated bank reconciliations

Connect HostBooks accounting software to your bank account, securely import and categorize all your transactions.

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Stay posted on your business status

HostBooks accounting software categorizes your transactions into income and expenses, matching each payment to invoices. This helps you stay informed about the business status and have better control over finances.


Automate reconciliation in seconds

HostBooks accounting software automates the reconciliation process by allowing you to connect any number of bank accounts from multiple banks. Once you set up bank feeds, all your bank transactions will be imported securely.


Easy reconciliation with
automatic suggestions

Whether the transaction is a travel expense, or spending on stationery items, our automated bank reconciliation software automatically suggests matching items from your bank statements to your accounting records. You can then simply confirm and match the transaction to invoice.


Reconcile transactions
wherever you are

Being cloud-based, HostBooks accounting software allows you to match and categorize your bank transactions no matter where you are. This enables you to be in the know of where your business stands.


Reconcile bulk transactions
in one go

Managing each transaction individually can be a tiring process. HostBooks accounting software allows you to select and categorize multiple transactions in a single instance. This can be especially helpful when dealing with past transactions.

A rundown on how HostBooks bank
reconciliation software benefits you


Connect multiple banks and bank accounts for automatic updates


Easily keep track of your income and expenses


Save your time with the categorization of business finances


A clearer picture of your cash flow on the dashboard


Securely import and reconcile your bank transactions

Want to automate your bank reconciliation?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Bank Reconciliation Automation

What is bank reconciliation?

It is a process of matching the cash balance in a business's accounting records to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The objective of reconciling bank transactions is to ensure that the entity's accounting records are correct and also make the necessary changes.

It is recommended to carry out bank reconciliation automation at least every month. For a business with high-volume transactions or situations with higher chances of fraud, bank reconcile might need to be performed more frequently.

HostBooks reconciliation software accurately reconciles all your bank transactions, reducing the chances of errors and also detects the same early on.

HostBooks allows you to not only add multiple bank accounts but you can also set up bank feeds from multiple banks. This could be beneficial if you need to import bank transactions from several bank accounts.

At first, you will need a bank account which can be done either manually or by setting up bank feeds. You can also reconcile your bank transactions by importing bank statements or manually importing an excel file containing the statements.

For an unmatched transaction, you can manually select and add it to the appropriate accounting record. If the transaction is not found in the accounting record, you can use the cash coding option.

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