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HostBooks accounting software stores and manages your data securely anywhere, anytime.

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Completely free, no hidden costs

We do not charge any hidden fee to provide you with a free cloud storage space of 10GB, which is safer than storing the information locally.


Reduce your operational costs

Forget about putting an upfront cost for servers and other IT infrastructures, and store your data in the cloud, which can be accessed remotely from anywhere, anytime.

Collaborate with your colleagues

With HostBooks accounting software, you can work together with your teams, clients, and accountants. You can also decide who can view your data, and have control over each user's level of access.


Store your data with

HostBooks cloud accounting software provides a drag-and-drop facility to help you store all your financial documents, streamlining your accounting processes and allowing you to make time for core business processes.


Securely store your

HostBooks uses advanced data security to safeguard all your financial data against any kinds of online threats. The best part is our software performs automated backup and restoration of your data.


Access from any device or

You can access your stored data from any device including computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a web browser.

A rundown on how HostBooks
cloud storage benefits you


Usability and accessibility on the go


Protects, backs up, and restores your data


Saves you both time and money


Easy sharing of files with clients and colleagues


Easy accessibility from any device or platform

Store data in the cloud for continuous access

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Cloud Storage

What is cloud accounting software?

Cloud accounting software, aka online accounting software or web-based accounting software is hosted on the remote server. The data is sent to the cloud where it is processed and returned to the end-user. A company using HostBooks cloud-based software does not need to set up individual desktops with software because everyone has the flexibility to access the cloud anytime on any device using a web browser.

HostBooks hosts your data in a secure AWS bucket. We take the backup of each instance at regular intervals and also provide multi-zone hosting. We also use secured Lambda services along with HTTPs, SSL, and TSL for secure data transfer. This makes us one of the best cloud accounting software for small businesses and accounting professionals.

You get to see how your business is performing in real-time with 24/7 access. Everything is online, there’s nothing to install. Data is backed up automatically, updates are free and instantly available. HostBooks cloud accounting software is highly secure and reduces upfront business costs.

Cloud accounting software is highly scalable. It helps you access financial information anywhere, anytime and facilitates collaboration among multiple users.

HostBooks cloud-based software improves accuracy as the financial information is stored in the same place, lowering the risk of accounting errors.

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