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Monitor your inventory easily

Be it tracking sales, purchases, inventory valuation, and stock levels, HostBooks inventory management software for small businesses helps you keep track of your inventory on the go.


Keep tabs on your stock

HostBooks accounting software helps you to identify your popular products and stay updated on your stock levels. This enables you to make informed decisions about sales and purchases.

Easily import data in bulk

Start managing your inventory with our online accounting software by quickly importing all your inventories in bulk from a spreadsheet. We also show you all the supported and mandatory fields for inventory.


Automate and create invoices

Easily select desired items such as trackable inventory, non-trackable inventory, service, or bundles to quickly create accurate and consistent quotes and invoices.


Stay informed on your stock

Our accounting software helps you keep track of stock values daily by ascertaining the value in multiple ways using valuation methods like LIFO, FIFO, and Average Cost.


Replenish stock when needed

Both stock-outs and excess stock can cost a lot for your business. With HostBooks cloud-based solution, you can always know stock on-hand and prevent shortages.

A rundown on how the best inventory management
software benefits you


Keep manual efforts to the minimal


Avoid stock-outs and excess stocks


Improve your decision making on merchandising


Enhance your efficiency and lower operation costs


Synchronize inventory data in real-time

Automate your inventory management
with HostBooks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Inventory Management

Is online inventory management software better than using spreadsheets?

Using spreadsheets to manage inventory makes you inefficient and increases the chances of data entry errors. With the best inventory management software, you can minimize human errors as all your business data is synchronized across inventory, sales, and accounting. For instance, stock levels are automatically adjusted when you make sales. When you make sales and purchase orders the software automatically create records in your books.

After opening the accounting application, from the dashboard, you need to hover over the Books menu and click on Inventory & Service. Next, click on the New Inventory button and then select the option as required – Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service or Bundle. From there, you will need to enter all the required information and then click on Save to add an inventory.

From the accounting dashboard, hover over the Books menu and then select Inventory & Service. You will see the list of all your inventory items. To delete an item, simply click on the trash icon under the actions column and then select OK to confirm.

Yes, you can add bundle as an inventory item in HostBooks accounting software, allowing you to add a collection of products and/or services that are sold together. For instance, a bundle can be the combination of a trouser, shirt, and blazer which you want to sell as a pack.

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