Accounting that is
powered by automation

HostBooks automates your accounting tasks by accurately organizing your invoices, receipts, expenses in one place.

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Work smarter & faster wherever you are

HostBooks software automates a whole range of repetitive tasks such as billing, invoicing, and transaction reconciliation. You can easily streamline your accounting processes and get rid of the paperwork.


Reduce your compliance time

Focus more on evaluating your business performance while automation reduces the time spent on managing the compliance. Our software development processes are in sync with the tax laws, helping you stay compliant.

Go error-free with automation

Get rid of the tiresome manual accounting processes that are constantly prone to inaccuracies. And, minimize the risk of errors which could prove to be a costly affair in the long run.


Enhance your productivity

Leverage the power of automated accounting with increased levels of accuracy and productivity. Get in-depth, real-time insight into your business while saving time for your core processes.


Easily access your

The ledgers or records in manual accounting can pile up over time, making it challenging to access a particular record. HostBooks automated accounting software offers you a centralized system of records that everyone can easily access.


Save on costs

Save more money by capitalizing on the benefits of automated accounting software. The cost savings can be relocated for better use. Additionally, it helps you identify the most profitable areas.


Make data security a

Automated accounting provides you secure access to all your financial information. On the contrary, manual accounting is more prone to security breaches and cyber-attacks as it has minimal security.

A rundown on how HostBooks automated
accounting software benefits you


Enhances your productivity and reduces the compliance time


Saves time to help you focus on the things that matter


Helps you get rid of the tedious manual work


Increases accuracy, reducing the chances of errors


Improves visibility into future risks and opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Automated Accounting Software

What is accounting automation?

Accounting automation is employing AI software and robotic systems to mechanize the accounting processes. The software is used specifically to automate repetitive tasks like invoicing, transaction reconciliation, thereby expediting the process.

Integrating cutting-edge technology into your processes with HostBooks automated accounting software not only keeps your business ahead of the curve but also enables you to serve your customers better, maximizing growth and enhancing operational efficiency.

Accounting professionals who use HostBooks automated accounting software can see a remarkable increase in their efficiency. Additionally, it helps them garner and interpret the information in a much faster and accurate way. And, the results are better analytics, optimal reporting, and more strategic financial decisions.

Yes, HostBooks comes with advanced data security features. We host your data in a secure AWS bucket and take the backup of each instance at regular intervals and also provide multi-zone hosting. We use secured Lambda services along with HTTPs, SSL, TSL for secure data transfer.

Accounting software that helps you grow

While you work hard expanding your business, HostBooks ensures that your accounting processes are in place.