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HostBooks - Best accounting software for your Retail Business

HostBooks accounting software adds value and productivity to your business functionality. It adds flexibility to your business along with premium features customized as per your business requirements.

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Advanced Pricing Feature

Pricing is a very complex department of any business, be it quantity discounts, promotional discounts or any other costing. Our business accounting software will manage all of your business's pricing with amazing efficiency and flexibility.

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The inventory management tool is a must- Our Inventory management

Tools will provide you with a seamless and effortless experience when it comes to your accounting business. Now, manage all your inventory set-ups right within our HostBooks solutions.

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Manage Multiple Businesses

As it is likely for your business to grow and increase in size, management of contacts and relationship of customers with us can become a completely new task to follow. With HostBooks, the user will be able to handle two or more accounts at once, resulting in more efficiency.

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Advanced Reporting Feature

Stay above the competition in your industry by using our advanced reporting system. We provide an easy reporting style and auto-fill templates to save you time and effort. Use the power of reporting to help you make better business decisions.

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You are the expert

You do not have to be an expert to run an administration business. For it to run smoothly and efficiently, your commitment to HostBooks solutions allows you to find experts and professionals to do your task better in no time. Thus, HostBooks online accounting software can take care of all your business with the help of experts and technical knowledge.

HostBooks Advanced Retail features

HostBooks automated accounting software for retail users allows them to take special care of their business by keeping detailed track of inventory management, sales, and customer know-how. HostBooks for retailers is the best solution to keep everything in check, from business functionality to customer satisfaction. A proper inventory and in-check effectiveness are two special features HostBooks accounting software offers.

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Other features include

  • Detailed specific reporting options
  • Advanced cloud accounting software for accountants
  • Proper control of inventory products
  • Provides customized price labels to customers
  • Get organized reports, standard or specific
  • Sales brief reporting

Auto-generated Reporting System

The retail wing of HostBooks solutions specializes in making core key reports, which are developed with a proper business mind and expertise. We track every major and minor happening in the retail sector for business purposes and finalize our core report.

  • Detailed inventory charts
  • Customer tracking
  • In-check sales
  • Vendor information details
expense management benefits
expense management benefits

How can HostBooks make your Retail Business effective?

Retail business is developing day after day. At HostBooks, we provide efficient tools and software that help you make better business decisions.

  • We provide tools that reduce administration effort by cutting hours on manual data entry. HostBooks provides its accountants and partners with inventory management solutions.
  • We provide mobile accounting tools that will allow you to stay connected via your phone.
  • We allow third-party retail applications to synchronize with our software for effective inventory, e-commerce, etc.

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