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HostBooks: Automated Accounting Solution for Nonprofit organizations

HostBooks provides Non-Profit Government Organizations with all the solutions they need to grow their business.

Following are some of the features HostBooks provides for the betterment of the Nonprofit organizations sector as a cause for public welfare.

Accounting on the go

Our cloud-based accounting software helps our partners to simplify the complicated task of accounting. HostBooks accounting software is easy to use and understand. It comes handy for Non-Profit Organizations to use as it simplifies revenue calculations and provides an easy funding program for proper efficiency. It also creates a custom detailed report for automated accounting.

expense management benefits
expense management benefits

Customizable Accounting Solutions

HostBooks provides the best accounting software for Nonprofit organizations because we save you time and efficiently calculate accounts and funding programs.

HostBooks is a customizable software that provides solutions for Nonprofit organizations. You can easily create a list of donors and the amount they donate to your Nonprofit organizations. Create a list of all members working for your Nonprofit organizations, calculate your budget for the month and know exactly where you stand economically and financially.

HostBooks accounting software will make your Non-Profit Organization a very efficient place and you will have detailed tracking of all your financials in an easy to understand account report.

Enhanced safety and increased storage

Protect your important documents with HostBooks. Decrease the risk of data breach by going paperless. Our enhanced security and storage space on the cloud will not compromise your precious data. For safety, our software offers individual permissions for different activities and customizable functions to protect your information.

expense management benefits

We grow as you grow

As your Nonprofit organizations grows in number and size, we widen our functionality options for your safety and convenience. Mentioned below are some of HostBooks extended features:

expense management benefits

Sync data on cloud

It will be a great loss for an Nonprofit organizations to lose all their data; we take good care of that. HostBooks solutions synchronizes all your data with our cloud accounting software for the safety and proper record of all your donations and expenditure.

expense management benefits

All your transactions organized

HostBooks accounting software allows you to link your bank account, which automatically syncs all your transactional data and organizes them as per your convenience. You can have all your transactions at one place with automated updates.

Standard & Custom Reports

expense management benefits

Customized Reports

HostBooks solutions create any type of report that you require according to your preferences. Customizable reports offer flexibility and allow you to send specialized reports to different departments of your Nonprofit organizations such as Finance, HR, members, board, etc.

expense management benefits

Auto-generated Reporting System

Nonprofit organizations that use HostBooks accounting software have an option to automatically create financial statements and reports and have it emailed to your teams as statements of accounts. This feature saves a lot of time and effort, which further can be used in some other productive task.

HostBooks cloud accounting software definitely helps Non-Profit Organizations in maximizing their efficiency and minimizing their cost. Our customized accounting system provides you with automated accounting reports.

Increased storage and security add to the list of features our software provides for Nonprofit organizations. There are many Nonprofit organizations benefiting from our software and there are many more to join the team.

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