Automation and Robotics


A leading provider of Automation and Robotics Engineering solutions, specializing in Special Purpose Machinery (SPM), serves industries including Automotive, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Chemical Biotechnologies, and Pharma. The company operates facilities in Coimbatore, Trichy, Chennai, and Bangalore, with additional offices in Dubai and Ajman.

With a dedicated focus on SPM, tailored robotic solutions, and technical training, the organization stands at the forefront of innovation in the field.

The Problem

The Operations Head of the company quotes, “I found myself grappling with a series of challenges that demanded urgent attention to ensure the smooth functioning of our business. The foremost task at hand was the need to streamline our processes in order to instil transparency and accountability across all operations.

One pressing issue was the non-availability of updated data, leading to a significant loss of revenue. This gap in information hindered our ability to make informed decisions and respond promptly to market dynamics. Additionally, there was a lack of visibility into Activity Based Costing, creating challenges in cost management, and our production planning was hindered by inadequate insights.

Project management presented its own set of hurdles. The absence of a comprehensive overview of project timelines resulted in an ever-growing list of last-minute fire-fighting scenarios. This made it challenging to track project-based material and resource management, leading to potential inefficiencies and delays.

Adhering to statutory compliance emerged as another critical concern. Balancing the intricacies of meeting legal requirements while staying focused on our core business proved to be a delicate challenge. The over-dependency on consultants raised a red flag, prompting the need for a more self-sufficient and internally managed approach.

Furthermore, the lack of visibility into the efficiencies of labour, machinery, and plant operations was a significant hindrance for me. This blind spot prevented us from optimizing our resources and identifying areas for improvement.

Addressing these challenges became imperative for me to enhance the overall effectiveness and sustainability of out automation and robotics business.”

The Solution

To address the myriad challenges faced by us, we took refuge in PMS360 of HostBooks, a cost-effective business automation solution that aligns seamlessly with the company's unique requirements. This user-friendly solution not only catered to our current needs but also ensured future support and adaptability.

One of the key issues was cost-effectiveness, and HB ERP360 provided an economical yet comprehensive option, coupled with the assurance of ongoing support.

In the Purchasing and Supply Chain domain, the introduction of HB ERP360 proved instrumental in controlling and monitoring all purchasing activities, offering detailed insights for informed decision-making.

The Project Management module, with its workflow visibility, was pivotal in gaining control over project timelines and effectively managing project costs. This feature ensured a more streamlined and efficient project execution process.

In the realm of Logistics and Distribution, HB ERP360 offered real-time, detailed data on inventory status. This includes visibility into when goods will enter the warehouse and when they will be dispatched, facilitating better logistics planning.

A significant stride was made in compliance management through the implementation of HB ERP360. This included seamless handling of GST, TDS periodic filing, reconciliation, and improved follow-up procedures. The result was a hassle-free compliance process that allowed us to focus on our core business activities.

In summary, our adoption of a scalable and cost-effective business automation solution, tailored to our specific needs, proved transformative. The integration of HB ERP360 addressed all our specific pain points, provided enhanced visibility, control, and efficiency across various operational aspects.

Results and Impact

The implementation of HB ERP 360 has successfully amalgamated several disparate functions, establishing a unified data source for all our business information. The discernible outcomes are evident, with tangible benefits such as decreased production times, minimized inventory holding, and heightened customer responsiveness achieved through an enhanced Project Management workflow. The introduction of this new system has instilled a renewed sense of confidence within our organization, positioning us favourably for expansion and sustained growth in the years ahead.