Ideal Ice Cream


Established in 1975, Ideal Ice Cream is one of the foremost ice cream manufacturers in India. It boasts of state-of-the-art machinery, advanced technical expertise, and an impeccable recipe that defines its unique flavour profile. Operating through an impressive network of over 4,500+ retailers, Ideal has witnessed transformative expansion into major cities of Karnataka, parts of Kerala, and Goa. A recipient of numerous awards at 'The Great Indian Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts' contest, Ideal continues to be a distinguished player in the industry. The company is now positioned for extensive Pan-India growth.

The Problem

In the realm of Ideal, the Business Head found himself navigating through a series of challenges that mirrored the chapters of a complex narrative.

The story began with the challenge of a lack of integrated business data, where essential information was scattered and fragmented, hindering a holistic view of operations. He recognized the need for a cohesive system that could seamlessly consolidate data from various facets of the business.

One significant plot twist emerged with the non-availability of updated data. He grappled with the repercussions of decisions based on outdated information, highlighting the urgency for real-time insights to drive strategic choices.

The narrative delved into the complexity of managing different applications for the Factory, Dealer, and Finance sectors, each functioning in silos and not enabling the crucial access to real-time, accurate data. He faced the challenge of breaking down these silos to create a unified system that could offer comprehensive insights.

The tale continued with the warehouse management aspect, which was inadequately addressed by the existing manual and solution combo. He recognized the need for a more sophisticated approach to streamline warehouse operations, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

Further, a chapter dedicated to distributors and retailers unfolded with the realization that manual management led to un-reconciled and inaccurate data. This challenge demanded a systematic solution to ensure accurate records, smooth operations, and improved relationships with business partners.

The story reached its climax with the inadequacy in tracking assets like crates and other movables. He recognized the importance of precision in asset tracking for efficient logistics and resource management.

The Solution

In the realm of marketing and sales, the challenges of handling complex and detailed data was found in HB ERP360. Utilizing the latest technology, this comprehensive business automation solution provided all stakeholders with insights into historical data, streamlining processes for enhanced decision-making.

Moving into the Logistics and Distribution domain, HB ERP360 excelled in presenting real-time inventory data, breaking it down SKU-wise and Category-wise with geographical splits. This ensured a detailed understanding of inventory status, facilitating more informed logistics and distribution decisions for Ideal Ice Cream.

Addressing the intricacies of Job Work and inventory reconciliation, HB ERP360 simplified these processes, eliminating complexities and streamlining operations for greater efficiency.

In the manufacturing sphere, the solution seamlessly provided insights into efficiency tracking for machines, labor, and tools. This real-time data allowed for better monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes.

The narrative concludes with a solution to the challenge of compliance management. With HB ERP360, compliance was handled effortlessly, requiring no additional effort from the team. This ensured that the business stays on track with regulatory requirements without compromising on operational efficiency.

Results and Impact

HB ERP360 delivered swift and precise MIS reports that encapsulated the entire business ecosystem, spanning from vendors to distributors, retailers, and the sales force. The solution facilitated daily monitoring and observation of costs at every operational level. This comprehensive system empowered management team to effortlessly oversee every aspect of the business in a snapshot, that saved time and enabled informed decision-making. The newfound efficiency instilled immense confidence in its expansion endeavours.