Engineering Solutions Provider


Established in 2009, this engineering solutions and integration company, based in Manesar, Haryana, has three operational plants and is currently in the process of expanding with two upcoming sites in Rajasthan and Gujarat. At the forefront of automation, the company has embraced robotics, serving various industries including Automotive, Engineering, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and more.

The Problem

At the head office of the company, the Leadership team found themselves immersed in a sea of challenges. The lack of integrated business data was like navigating uncharted waters. Important information seemed scattered and disjointed, hindering the smooth flow of operations.

One of the primary issues they faced was the non-availability of updated data. It was as if he was trying to steer the ship without a clear map, making strategic decisions with outdated information.

As number of projects grew, they grappled with the manual tracking of project progress, leading to delayed deliveries. The archaic methods in place for project tracking were proving to be a bottleneck in the otherwise ambitious and dynamic environment.

Production planning, a crucial aspect of their operations, was hampered by inadequacies. They found themselves juggling multiple variables without the aid of a comprehensive system, resulting in inefficiencies and setbacks.

The manual approach to project-wise tracking of inventory and cost control added another layer of complexity to their responsibilities. It was akin to managing a complex puzzle without a clear picture, leading to potential errors and oversights.

Job worker material reconciliation presented yet another challenge. The manual process made it nearly impossible for them to maintain accuracy and precision in managing materials used by external workers.

The tool room management, a critical aspect of their operations, lacked visibility on tool life and on-time re-calibration and refurbishment. The absence of an efficient system for managing tools jeopardized the overall efficiency of the production process.

In the face of these challenges, they recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive solution. The company needed a modern, integrated approach to data management and project tracking to navigate these turbulent waters and ensure smoother sailing in their endeavours.

The Solution

HB ERP360 emerged as a robust solution by providing comprehensive insights and automation solutions across various business domains.

In the realm of marketing and sales, the solution excelled at presenting intricate and detailed data. This capability facilitates the effortless preparation of techno-commercial proposals, offering valuable insights drawn from historical data.

In the domain of logistics and distribution, HB ERP360 stod out by offering real-time inventory status, project-wise. This feature enhanced decision-making and ensured efficient management of resources.

The challenges associated with job work and inventory reconciliation were simplified through the seamless functionalities embedded in HB ERP360. It streamlined these processes, minimizing complexities and improving overall efficiency.

For manufacturing, the HB ERP360 system provided valuable insights, enabling the efficient tracking of machine, labour, and tool efficiency. This data-driven approach enhanced productivity and aided in strategic decision-making within the manufacturing processes.

Additionally, HB ERP360 addressed compliance management without necessitating additional effort. The system handled compliance requirements seamlessly, ensuring that business navigated regulatory landscapes effortlessly.

Results and Impact

HB ERP360 served as a comprehensive solution that not only identified key challenges in various business areas but also provided effective and streamlined solutions that enhanced overall operational efficiency and decision-making. It delivered swift and precise MIS reports, complemented by standard financial reports. The system empowered daily tracking and analysing costs efficiently.

The leadership team gained the ability to monitor each project effortlessly, providing a snapshot that saved time and facilitated well-informed decision-making. Enhanced business control and improved operational visibility for management were achieved through the implementation of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and real-time data, leading to increased operational efficiency.

The investment in HB ERP360 proved to be valuable, aligning perfectly with the current and future business operation needs.