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Inde Hotels & Resorts serves as an online platform for independent hotels. It offers comprehensive marketing and support services for both hotels and travellers and provides a convenient one-stop-shop for modern-day travellers. Inde enables exploration and connection with independent, boutique, and heritage properties nationwide, ensuring the best deals.

The Problem

In the uber-busy domain of hospitality, the Profit Centre Head found herself at the helm of a unique challenge. Managing multiple hotels, each with its own individual accounting systems, proved to be a labyrinth of complexities.

One of the primary hurdles she faced was the struggle to obtain consolidated financial data for the entire hotel group. The fragmented nature of the accounting systems hindered her ability to paint a comprehensive picture of the financial health of the entire enterprise.

Inventory management and procurement processes added another layer of inefficiency to her daily operations. The disjointed systems made it difficult to streamline these crucial aspects, leading to unnecessary complexities and delays in procurement.

Frequent physical audits became a necessary yet cumbersome routine for her. In order to grasp the operational performance of each hotel, she found herself embarking on a series of physical inspections. The lack of a unified system made it challenging to assess performance in real-time, resulting in a continuous cycle of audits.

To compound matters, compliance management became an ongoing headache. Juggling the diverse compliance requirements of each hotel without a centralized system led to a constant state of vigilance. The absence of a streamlined approach jeopardized the overall compliance posture of the hotels.

However, amidst these challenges, a glimmer of hope emerged. She recognized the need for a transformative solution, one that could unite the disparate accounting systems, streamline inventory processes, eliminate the need for constant physical audits, and effortlessly manage compliance requirements.

In her quest for a resolution, she sought a comprehensive platform that could serve as a beacon, guiding her through the complexities of managing multiple hotels. The journey had just begun, and she was determined to script a tale of operational efficiency and financial clarity for the entire hotel group.

The Solution

Inde Hotel Group found its solution in our FnB360, a strategic move to overcome their operational challenges. The integrated business automation solution system offered a range of benefits.

Inde Hotel Group leveraged FnB360 to centralize operational control, resulting in streamlined processes and improved collaboration between different hotels. This empowered the group to make prompt and effective data-driven decisions.

The business automation solution system effortlessly provided Inde Hotel Group with both single hotel and consolidated balance sheets. This feature delivered a comprehensive overview of the financial health of each property and the entire group, enhancing financial transparency.

FnB360 played a pivotal role in optimizing procurement processes for Inde Hotel Group. By facilitating centralized purchasing and distribution management, the system contributed to cost reduction across the hotel group. This, in turn, improved inventory control and minimized the risk of stockouts.

The compliance management feature of FnB 360 empowered the finance team to centrally manage property audits. This ensured consistent adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies across all hotels, providing a streamlined approach to compliance.

In adopting FnB 360, Inde Hotel Group not only addressed their challenges but also ushered in a new era of efficiency, transparency, and compliance in their operational landscape.

Results and Impact

The implementation of FnB360 brought forth substantial advantages for Inde Hotel Group. The centralized control and streamlined processes catalyzed a notable enhancement in operational efficiency across all hotels within the group. Tasks were executed with greater precision and speed.

The newfound access to real-time data and consolidated reports empowered the management team to make informed decisions promptly. This resulted in a more agile and responsive decision-making process. Centralized purchasing and distribution proved to be a game-changer, reducing redundant expenditures and optimizing inventory levels. The result was tangible cost savings for Inde Hotel Group, providing a leaner and more efficient financial landscape.

The compliance management feature of the ERP system acted as a guardian, ensuring consistent adherence to regulations. This meticulous approach mitigated compliance risks for the hotel group, instilling a sense of confidence and security in their operations. In essence, the implementation of FnB 360 not only addressed challenges but ushered in an era of heightened efficiency, informed decision-making, cost savings, and enhanced compliance for Inde Hotel Group.