Rule – 11L, Application for approval of an association or institution or for recommendation of a project or scheme by the National Committee
March 16, 2018
Rule – 11MA Form of report by an approved association or institution under clause (ii) of sub-section (4) of section 35AC
March 16, 2018

Rule – 11M, Procedure before the National Committee

11M. (1) All applications under rule 11L should be circulated by the Secretary to the National Committee to all the members of the Committee and will be considered by the National Committee at its sitting held at least seven days after the date on which the application is circulated. In exceptional cases, the Chairman may curtail the period of notice and may also direct consideration of the application by circulation only.

(2) The National Committee may call for such other information from the applicant as it deems necessary for taking a decision on the application and may also direct its Secretary to make or cause to be made enquiries on any matter relating to the application.

(3) The quorum for taking a decision on an application shall be at least five members, including Chairman. If a meeting is adjourned without taking a decision for lack of quorum, the 90[decision to adjourn the meeting] may be taken by the members present, even without the requisite quorum. 91[This decision would be conveyed to the absentee members along with notice about the date, time and place for re-holding the adjourned meeting.]

(4) Approval of an association or institution shall be for such period as the National Committee may decide, generally not exceeding a period of three years at a time. Subsequent approvals, if required, for a further period, can be granted only if the National Committee is satisfied about the activities of the association or institution during the preceding period of approval.

(5) The National Committee shall recommend ordinarily to the Central Government a project or scheme for being notified as an eligible project or scheme for an initial period up to three financial years. If the project or scheme is likely to extend beyond three financial years, the National Committee shall make further recommendations for a period of three years at a time after being satisfied that the project or, as the case may be, scheme is being executed properly. For this purpose, the National Committee may monitor the execution of project or scheme and call for such information as it deems necessary.


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