July 2, 2021

E-Invoice Listing Page, Add Alternate Email id and Alternate Contact number

E-Invoice Listing Page: We have provide the option of E-Invoice listing page to view the Generated and Cancelled E-Invoice along with Invoice details.

Two New fields added in Organization Settings: Two New fields Alternate Contact number and Alternate Email ID has been added to company setting to capture company Alternate Number and Alternate Email Id.

June 21, 2021

Delivery Challan Templates, New Sales Template (“Custom 1”)

Delivery Challan Templates: With this release we have given provision to create custom print templates for delivery challan.

Sales Template Custom 1: A New Sales Custom print template has been added to Sales Invoice Template which allow users to print custom fields used in invoice as per business requirement.

June 18, 2021

Dashboard, Contact Transactions Summary, Agent Commission, Bank Book Details, Delivery Challan Export (added few fields), Rest API Service

Dashboard: All new Dashboard to do analysis as with date range and option to change chart type for respective charts.

Contact Transactions Summary: A new report, Contact Transactions Summary is introduced in the report section which adds visibility to Payable and Receivable Invoices.

Agent Commission: Another new report, Agent Commission is introduced in the report section this report provides detail insight of Invoice wise Agent Commission.

Bank Book Details: We have given provision to view Bank Book Details under Cash and Bank where in details of Receipt, Payment, Transfer and Manual Journal are made available.

Delivery Challan Export: In Delivery Challan Export few fields Invoice Quantity, Invoiced Amount, Reversed Quantity, Reversed Amount, Balance Quantity and Balance Amount.

Rest API Services: Rest API services release for external customer to integrate their application data into HB Accounts application.

June 12, 2021

Introducing Margin Scheme on Sales, Delivery Challan -Service & Goods, Reverse Charge in Sales & Bill Import, Sales Journal and Customer Due Statement Report.

Customer Due Statement: A new report, Customer Due Statement is introduced with more visibility of customer invoice wise due and receivable. Margin Scheme: Margin scheme is introduced to avoid double taxation on the supply of goods which has been taxed already. Delivery challan: Delivery challan functionality has been extended to create delivery challan for services with amount and subsequently track left price, reversed price and invoiced price. Sales & Bill Import: Option to import data for Sales & Bill data with Reverse Charge is made available. Sales Journal: The provision to create Sales Journal with item details is now made available with additional item information against each line item.
May 29, 2021

Introducing HB BI all new reporting experience with Business intelligence, Sales Register Analytics Report

HB BI is all new reporting tool for analyzing business data with multiple combinations of analysis helps in delivering actionable information that helps to make informed business decision and strategic planning. Improved Sales Register Analytics Report with Zoom in and Zoom out option for better visibility and one click screen shot for easy sharing.
May 21, 2021

Provision to generate E-Invoice, Payables Ageing Summary, Receivables Ageing Summary, Calculator and Bug fixes, Enhancement and Improvements

Provision to generate E-Invoice, Payables Ageing Summary, Receivables Ageing Summary, Calculator and Bug fixes, Enhancement and Improvements.
April 10, 2021

New Features Contact Invoice Report which gives complete visibility of customer wise Invoice wise due and receipt amount with option to select columns and filter as per user requirement.

New Features Contact Invoice Report, New and Improved UI of Setting, and Customize Sales Invoice Print Template.
February 11, 2021

New Features Income Tax TCS and GST TDS/TCS, Cheque Print Settings and Printing Option, Make Vendor Payments via ICICI Bank and many more.

New Features Income Tax TCS and GST TDS/TCS, New Reports, More New Import and Export Options, New UI Design, Make Vendor Payments via ICICI Bank and Cheque Print Settings and Printing Option.
December 2, 2020

HB Elite (Ease Buzz) feature released

HB Elite (Ease Buzz) feature for payment by sending HB Elite link is released.

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