Download sales and purchase data and GSTR filing status in excel
February 4, 2020
Download Form 16A, Form 16 (Part-A & Part-B), and Form 27D from TRACES
March 28, 2020

Accounting software gets a fresh and modern look for an even better experience

In addition to the new design, with this new release, contacts to be treated as a ledger, updates in banking module, sales invoice updated with an improved listing page, and new horizontal view added in the income statement.

  • Accounting software updated with a new look and feel for better customer experience
  • Contacts to be treated as ledgers and shown under the group of Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors based on the type selected such customer, vendor, and employee.
  • Updates in Banking Module:
  • Bank listing page updated with pagination and searching option.
  • New fields added in bank reconciliation for easy reconciliation.
  • New fields like company GSTIN, date and GST tax input added in cash coding to make it more convenient.
  • When adding an advance receipt, users can enter the GST tax. Similarly, for advance payment, users can enter the GST tax and ITC.
  • Easily add multiple bill payments and invoice receipt in the Bank module.
  • Also, add received payment for multiple invoices from the banking module.
  • Sales and purchase module updated with the improved listing page.
  • The difference in opening balance conversion will be auto-mapped to the inventory opening stock. Entry generated in 1st April instead of 31st March.
  • Inventory module updated, with the removal of account selection from closing stock.
  • Option added in the balance sheet to display the account list in Group View or Detail View. The selected option will also be used for preview. New PDF report.
  • The Horizontal view provided in the income statement.
Updated interface of the business setup page
New favorite menu
Contact information page with customer vendor and employee options selection
Contact as a ledger account in charts of account
Contact showed as a ledger in the balance sheet with Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors
Banking listing page updated with pagination
Bank to book reconciliation updated with new options
Reconcile with the transaction and possible matching transaction
Reconcile with find and match option
Reconcile by adding new transaction by entering details
Easy cash coding by adding transaction by entering details
New bill payment option added for bill-wise spend money entry
New invoice receipt option added for invoice-wise receive money entry
GST and ITC claim option added for advance payment entry
Added GST tax input option in advance receipt for GST purpose
Sales invoice module updated with new listing page
Purchase bill module updated with new listing page
Detail view option added in the balance sheet
Group view option added in the balance sheet
Horizontal view option added in Income Statement
Adjustment ledger removed when adding inventory with an opening stock

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