E-invoice Feature in GST Application
October 9, 2020
New Document Series Settings Option and New Reports for Sales/Purchase Invoice
October 16, 2020

New option for On Fly or Service Navigation implemented

A new search option has been provided for on fly or service navigation to make the process more convenient.

  • On Fly or Service Navigation option: Search option in Service Navigation has been provided in the software.
  • Management Tracking restructure: New Look & Feel of Management Tracking module has been modified and a date column with new design has been created.
  • Dashboard Configurable: Now dashboard can be customized as per the use. Also charts and graphs can be hidden or shown by the Edit Dashboard button.
  • Resolved customer issues.
On Fly or Service Navigation option
Search option in Service Navigation option
New Management Tracking module
Edit Dashboard button
Hide Show Option in Dashboard

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