Multiple Vehicle & Composition Feature for EWB with many more features enhanced.
December 2, 2021
GSTR- 9 & 9C available in hbGST with date wise filter option provided in EWB creation page
January 11, 2022

Manual Journal – Bill, Account Configuration, Contact Code Search on Invoice listing

Purchase Journal: Provision given to create purchase journal with line item details

Account Configuration: We have given provision to configure account for each document type and account is made available for selection at line item in document for which configuration are done.

Invoice Search option: With this release we have given easy search provision for Invoice at invoice listing page.

Fixes: We have few fixes for issues.

Purchase Journal: With this release we have given provision to create Purchase Journal with line item details.

Path: Manager >> Manual Journal >> + Journal >> Purchase


Account Configuration: We have given provision to configure account for each document type wherein user can select required account in account configuration and then as per configuration same will be available for selection under account for each line item in specific document.

Path: Setting >> Chart of Account >> Account Configuration


User can select document type first and then can select required account for document and click on update and upon update user can view all selection under account column of line item for respective document.


Account configuration is made available for all document type available in application.


Invoice Search option: With this release we have given easy search provision for Invoice, wherein user can search Invoice on listing page with following fields Invoice number/Reference/Customer Name/Contact Code/Invoice Amount with option to select date range.



Bug Id Discription Status
18995 When Invoice is created with Multiple line items and same is Export to excel with Column selection Invoice Number, date, Branch, Total Invoice Amount then the blank rows are displayed in case invoice have multiple items. The blank row should not come Resolved
18964 While generating receivable and payable report for last financial year balances are not updating. Resolved
16639 Bank Books (Details) –>Number/Reference by search option is not working in the following: –

  1. Receipt Other Receipt, On Account Receipt and Ad-hoc Receipt
  2. Payment Other Payment and On Account Payment
  3. Transfer

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