hbTAX enable with ITR-V & ITR-VI
March 16, 2021
Added QRMPS process & few Features enabled/enhanced
April 3, 2021

New Feature GSTR-4 get data from GSTIN, IFF option enabled and many more

New features & Enhancement in GSTR-4, IFF option, UOM Update, eInvoice printing option from Sales Invoice and many more.

  • Tax period changes for return period in GSTR-1
  • IFF furnished and un furnished option.
  • Description Field length extended up-to 1000 char
  • Customer Name Field length extended up-to 100 char
  • Sales listing e-invoice print out option enabled
  • UOM updated with Liter.
  • GSTR4 annual – get data from GSTR-4a from GSTIN portal and multiple validation enabled with enhancements.
  • Tickets/Enhancements –
    • 12986–> B2B Amendment Import Enhancement.
    • 14138–> GSTR-1 posting validation enhancement.
    • 14314–> GSTR-3B posting validation enhancement.
    • 13918–> UOM Ltr added.
    • 13910–> GSTR-1 Get status error validation control.
    • 13986–> GSTR-1 posting validation enhancement.
    • 12980–> GSTR-4a download enhancement.
    • 13378–> Cash ledger in Excel report enhancement.
    • 13903–> GSTR-1 posting validation enhancement.
    • 13838–> GSTR2A download enhancement.
    • 13806–> GSTR-1 Excel utility import enhancement.
    • 13363–> Bill of Supply date control.
    • 13274–> UOM Ltr Added.
    • 13131–> GSTR-2 Recon Process enhancement.

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