New Feature IRN generation and Cancel option are released.
November 11, 2020
Export Credit/Debit Notes option in E-invoice
November 24, 2020

New option provided to select Delivery Challan Type.

  • Delivery Challan Option Delivery Challan Type: “Delivery Challan Type” option is provided as a drop down on Delivery Challan add/edit screen. Users can select the “Delivery Challan Type” and also sync with the GST application.
  • Delivery Challan Export: Users can export all the Delivery Challan into the various format file provided by the software. After exporting the data user can verify the detail of Delivery Challan in an easy manner.
  • File Management Improved UI: The UI of the File Management module has been improved.
  • View Document Option on Invoice Listing: Option to View the uploaded document for a particular invoice on the listing page has been provided. Users can view the uploaded document without opening the invoice.
  • Other Customer Issues:
    1. Document Series Settings – while changing the Invoice Date series is not changed.
    2. Logo Size issue – Logo issue is fixed for Invoice and other voucher PDF download.
Delivery Challan Option Delivery Challan Type-01
Delivery Challan Export-01
Delivery Challan Export-02
Delivery Challan Export-03
File Management New UI
Invoice Listing Attachment and View Document-01
Invoice Listing Attachment and View Document-02
Invoice Listing Attachment and View Document-03

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