Release Notes for HostBooks GST Application August 26, 2019
August 26, 2019
Release Notes for HostBooks TDS Application Aug 30, 2019
August 30, 2019

Bill of supply creation, contact-wise detailed report of income and expense

You can now create a bill of supply and compare month-wise income and expense status by contact. Also, view detailed report for sales register, trial balance, a summary of contacts receivables/payables, and bank reconciliation summary. When adding a contact, easily verify the GSTIN and auto-fetch contact information.

  • Create a bill of supply in purchase much like in sales
  • View month-wise income report and compare invoice-wise income details of previous months
  • View detailed expense report by contact and compare month-wise expense with multiple previous months
  • View detailed sales register report and filter data using multiple options
  • Trial balance report to view the detailed statement of debits and credits
  • Summary report of receivables/payables by contact in a single page
  • View summary report of bank reconciliation statements
  • Automatically fill contact information by entering and verifying the contact’s GSTIN
Add new bill of supply

Bill of supply creation page
View income report by contact
Detailed month-wise income report by contacts
View expense report by contact
View and compare month-wise expense report by contact
Sales register analytics
View customer-wise sales register report
View trial balance report
Statement of debits and credits in trial balance report
Receivable/Payable report
View summary report of receivables/payables by contact
Summary of the bank reconciliation
View summary of bank reconciliation statements
Verify GSTIN when adding a contact

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