Release Notes for HostBooks Customer Portal July 12, 2018
July 12, 2018
Release Notes for HostBooks E-way Bill Software September 20, 2018
September 20, 2018

Release Notes for HostBooks Customer Portal July 12, 2018

HostBooks customer portal provides a common platform to integrate user business with TDS, GST, TAX, Payroll and Accounting, the scope of platform to provide the hassle-free user experience to users from different continent.

  • Add, view  and edit any type of business from a single platform
  • Secured  and fast cloud storage on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Invite and control the business members.
  • Subscribe and view  the latest offers and plans.
  • Easy to navigate on any portal like GST and TDS.
  • View the user transaction history and activity logs
  • Switch the portal according to users.
  • Mange user profile.
  • Social Media connectivity.
Feature #1: User Sign up

User can Sign up account as a CA/Tax consultant or Business owner by filing required fields.

Feature #2: View all business on single platform

User can view all GST and TDS business on customer portal.

Feature #3: Add any type of business

User can add GST and TDS business from customer portal itself.

Feature #4: Edit all the business

User can edit GST and TDS business from customer portal.

Feature #5: Get latest plans

Buy and view all the latest offers and subscription from customer portal.

Feature #6: GST Registration

User can complete their GST Registration.

Feature #7: Secured cloud storage

Secured & fast cloud storage on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Feature #8: Invite more members

User can invite the members in its business and control their privilege.

Feature #9: Invite Users

Admin can invite multiple business , assign the roles and can invite user as per their plan.

Feature #10: Resources

User can check the all Resources.

Feature #11: Manage the setting

User can manage default setting.

Feature #12: Manage user profile

User can manage their profile.

Feature #13: User activity and log

User can view their activity logs.

Feature #14: User Business Dashboard

User can check their all business here.

Feature #15: Switch the account roll

User can switch their account roll from administrator to client or vice versa.

Feature #16: Client Business Dashboard

User can check their client business here.

Thanks Hostbooks.

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