Release Notes for HostBooks E-Way Bill Application December 04, 2018
December 4, 2018
Release Notes for HostBooks GST Application February 11, 2019
February 11, 2019

Release Notes for HostBooks GST Application January 29, 2019

  • Enable Decimal Setting – User can add data up to 3 decimal place.
  • Business PAN Setting for print invoice.
  • Item’s name limit increased 30 to 100 character.
  • Term and conditions limit increased to 1000 character with 6 line flexibility.
  • Notes limit increased to 350 character with 3 line flexibility.
  • Expiry date extended till year 2035.
  • Phone number changed to telephone number and only shown when selected in settings.
  • Reference option in print invoice as per selection in invoice setting.
  • Fright/unit and delivery/unit only shown when user select in setting.
  • Term & conditions, Notes and Bank details would be selected by default in settings.
  •  Shipping address added in purchase.
  • Invoice number flexible up to 16 digit – Prefix (1-15) Series (1-15). i.e. if Prefix 4 char than invoice series is upto12 digits
  • Invoice type added in sales Invoice and Sales invoice amendment.
  • Import functionality improved and added dummy data.
  • Original invoice number highlighted with search image in Invoice amendment.
  • Complete data sync from Customer Portal.
  • Major bug Fixed and improved old functionality.
  • Print address by default sync from Customer Portal.
  • User can choose different template to create invoice
  • User can print the invoice in landscape or Portrait view by using Template-2.
Image#1: Data Sync from CP
Image#2: Print Template

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