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Accounting Software FAQ

1. What is HostBooks Software Online?

HostBooks is automated and cloud-based accounting software with anywhere, anytime access. It enables you to manage your business finances seamlessly.

2. Can I access HostBooks Software offline?

Yes, you can access HostBooks software offline as it comes as a hybrid model with both desktop and web versions.

3. Will HostBooks work on my Apple Mac?

Yes, HostBooks is compatible with Apple Mac.

4. Can I upload more than 1 company logo?

Yes, each business you create in HostBooks accounting software can have its own logo.

5. What are some of the reports available in HostBooks?

Sales – Customer invoice report, receivables aging summary. Inventory – Item summary, stock category summary. Purchases – Vendor bill report, payables aging summary. Accounting – Contact transaction summary, bank reconciliation summary.

These are some of the reports available in HostBooks. More reports are added on a continuous basis based on customers' reviews and needs.

6. How do I reset my password or recover my user ID?

Go to the login page, click on Forgot password?. An email will be sent to your mailbox. You can click on the link in the mail to reset your password.

7. Can I download a copy of my data?

Yes, you can download a copy of your data in Excel or PDF format.

8. How secure is my data?

HostBooks keeps your data in a secure AWS bucket. We take the backup of each instance at regular intervals and also provide multi-zone hosting. In addition, we use secured Lambda services along with HTTPs, SSL, TSL for secure data transfer.

9. Can I import and export data into HostBooks Online?

Yes, you can import and export data in Excel format. QuickBooks users can easily migrate their data to HostBooks.

10. Can I have more than one company file?

Yes, you can have more than one company file based on your plan.

11. Does HostBooks provide onsite setup assistance?

Being cloud-based, HostBooks does not require onsite setup assistance. However, our customer support professionals are always there to provide you with remote assistance in case of any issues.

12. Is there a minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is 1 year, which can be paid monthly or annually.

13. Can I pay the subscription annually?

Yes, you can pay the subscription annually. There are also several other payment plans. Please visit pricing to know more about HostBooks pricing plans for your business.

14. What payment methods does HostBooks accept?

You can pay using your debit or credit card, PayPal or ACH transfer.

15. Is there a trial period and how do I sign up?

HostBooks provides you with a 30-day free trial. You can click on the below link to sign up.

16. Why do I need an email address in HostBooks?

Your email address forms your HostBooks username. Additionally, every important information/notification is sent to your email.

17. How can I edit my primary email address?

We usually don't allow editing the primary email address for security reasons, however, you can call our customer support team for the same.

18. Can I add a new email address to my HostBooks account?

You can add your secondary email address. Profile > Contact > Edit Personal Details > Enter secondary email address > Update.

19. How do I edit my personal details?

After logging in to HostBooks, on the customer portal, hover over your email address, and click on Profile. Under the personal tab, click on the edit button to make changes to your personal information.

20. How do I delete users from an organization account?

You can add or delete users through the User Management option on the left.

21. How do I change my account password?

Go to the login page, click on Forgot password?. An email will be sent to your mailbox. You can click on the link in the mail and change your account password.

22. How do I reset my HostBooks account password using my recovery email address?

If you need help resetting your password, we can help by sending you a link to reset it.

  1. Go to the login page and click on Forgot password?
  2. Enter either the email address
  3. Enter the captcha
  4. Click on Forgot Password
  5. Check your inbox for a password reset email
  6. Click on the link in the email to reset your password
23. How much cloud space will be provided in HostBooks?

HostBooks offers free 10GB cloud storage per account.

24. How do you deactivate or inactivate your Business in HostBooks?
  1. Login to your HostBooks account.
  2. Click on the pencil icon for the business you want to deactivate.
  3. Enable the deactivate business button.
  4. Select Yes, deactivate it

You can view deactivated businesses in the Inactive Business List under My Account.

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