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March 11, 2020
Impact of Automation-in-Accounting
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March 17, 2020

Advantages of Automated Accounting Process

Advantages of Automated Accounting Process

If you are an entrepreneur then you must be aware of how difficult it is to manage so many tasks at the same time and that too efficiently. Out of all the tasks, it is the accounting that holds an important position in the business as no business can run successfully without a well-developed and skilled financial team.

Accounting is supposed to handle records, business reports, taxes and many other financial interactions that form the backbone of the business. Some years back all the accounting tasks were handled by an accountant manually but with the advent of technology and the need to make it error-free business accounting software came into being. Manual accounting has many drawbacks as it is prone to human error and also consumes a lot of time. As these tasks are repetitive or recurring they become mundane for employees. On the other hand, when everything is managed through accounting software it gives a boost to the business, saves resources, money, and exponentially increases the profits to make things smoother.

Automation has become the center of attraction and is considered as a boon for the financial world. As it hits the industry it has become the current motivation to stay updated in the fast and challenging world of accounting. The entrepreneur has started understanding its true potential and that can be seen in their performance and the growth their business shows.

Automation has first started with the manufacturing industry but slowly and steadily it can be seen all over the place. It has taken a stronghold in analytics, customer support, ticketing, marketing, hiring, etc. Some of the best accounting software available in the market is performing almost all the accounting tasks efficiently and this is why it is a must for all the businesses.

Process Automation and Accounting

In the branch of finance and accounting, many processes are already defined and structured if you compare it with other industries where there is a need for continuous innovation. If you go back to fifty years and compare the accounting practices and processes then you will notice very little change that has occurred that is equal to nominal. This is why it has become easy to implement the automation process in the financial sector as compared to the others.

If we go deep and try to understand the financial functions the companies can get benefitted by getting an insight into the huge market data apart that can be used for business performance apart from performing bookkeeping and compliance of the taxes.

Being a part of the financial industry Robinou Binovaska has faced similar concerns that other entrepreneur goes through till the time he adopted automation and incorporated automated cloud accounting software into his business. With accounting, tasks got minimized and an increase in the efficiency of the employees he saw an upward trend in his business.

Benefits of accounting process automation

Benefit #1: Increase in Productivity

One of the most important benefits of automating processes is that it increases productivity. The adoption of automation increases accuracy in the work, thus, there is no need to double-check the tasks and aspects of manual accounting that are otherwise prone to human error. Once the bots come into the picture they can work 24/7 unlike humans, this also gives the required boost to the business.

Benefit #2: Gives a Boost to Efficiency

As soon as the process and the accounting tasks are automated the work that used to take long hours can be done in split seconds as the software can click through multiple pages, do data entry fast, verify the transaction and a lot more in no time.

Benefit #3: Reduced Errors

The amount of tasks that are needed to be done in the financial sector makes it prone to human error as it is unavoidable when done by the employees. The automation of the financial process involves bots and the work done by bots is error-free and accurate, unlike humans. Thus, it is evident that the involvement of software can not only reduce errors but also make it quick and easy.

Benefit #4: Scalable

It is hassle-free to scale an automated accounting system. When it comes to scaling operations done by humans, requires training and set up operational processes in place to reduce errors and overheads. Moreover, the software is designed in such a manner that even the biggest of data can be easily scalable and benefits the business in the long run.

Benefit #5: More secure

As the companies deal with confidential accounting data it becomes mandatory to secure it. With a lot of human intervention in the accounting processes, it is unavoidable to keep it that way. There may be a possibility that an employee may manhandle any data or use it for his benefit. But when you incorporate automation in accounting processes the manual intervention decreases and thus the data becomes more secure.

Benefit #6: Increased Cost-Saving

As there are tasks in accounting that involves a lot of manpower and sometimes outsourced from other companies as well. In that case, the company has to bear the burden of these costs. But with the use of cloud accounting software, the accounting processes get automated and the dependency on humans decreases which saves cost for the company.

Benefit #6: Easy Access

When accounting is done manually it involves manual ledgers. As the business increases the records pile up with time which makes it difficult to access a particular record in case of urgency. But when it is done through automation it becomes more easy and handy as it is more organized and accessible.

Benefit #7: More Organized

The accounting software saves a lot of data but the vest part it that it organizes even a large amount of data easily. All the payments and other transactions just need to be recorded only once making it a simple task for everyone. As the repetitive tasks are reduced it makes it easier to easily come to the conclusions and achieve targets.

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