how ai will impact accounting
How AI Will Impact The Accounting And Finance Industry?
February 21, 2020
Reporting With RPA – A Perfect Blend
Reporting With RPA – A Perfect Blend
February 24, 2020

How to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting

How to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is gradually taking over the functioning of several financial organizations.

The companies are not only reaping immense benefits but also thriving on the Accounting software and finding ways to improve it further. But what is so special about RPA? The answer lies in its usability.

RPA has a wide range of applications within an organization. Primarily, robotic automation lessens the burden of performing mundane tasks for users to a large extent. For instance, accounts payable, audits, and other similar tasks are easily carried out with the help of automation incorporated in the companies.

These jobs are usually repetitive in nature and do not demand innovation or creativity; however, these are time-consuming. Hence, the Business Accounting Software solves this problem and completes the tasks in a minimum possible time period.

#1 Overview of robotic accounting

In simple words, robotic accounting is the use of applications that perform automated functions related to finance and accounting. Software, namely Blue Prism, UiPath, has taken away the burden of understanding complex computer codes for data movement.

Users can simply leave it on the robotic accountants that can work relentlessly and efficiently to carry out the given task. This Cloud Accounting Software saves time as well as effort that can be put to use in other areas that demand human intervention.

#2 Ways to put RPA in action

There are a number of functional scopes in the banking industry, and so are the RPA software and techniques. Therefore, it is important to assign the right software in the right place. The key to this effective implementation can be achieved only if there is prior knowledge of both areas.

The banking personnel needs to identify the requirement of the company and put the appropriate automation accordingly. Web-Based Accounting is growing in popularity for the reason that they showcase the functions that are performed by them. As a result, the user can easily select the one that is required for the firm. This software is user-friendly and does not require any hi-fi skillset to implement them.

A lot of paperwork is saved and users can obtain digital financial reports at the earliest with the use of such software. It also minimizes errors and can be greatly effective in testing for a number of inputs. Consequently, the accounts and the finance departments begin to function better and this eventually improves the overall working of banking or any other financial organization.

The Robotic Process Automation works efficiently in accomplishing any accounts related works that are based on predefined logics and programs. Hence, the user will need to configure the robotic automatons or the Accounting Software in such a way, so as to get the job done in a short span of time.

#3 Stepwise process implementation of RPA

The application of software requires the proper implementation of the same in a banking institution. Generating invoices, tax payables, and receipts are all functions of RPA. However, apart from the sole functioning of the software, there are certain rules that a user should follow in order to initiate the process. 

A sample process is explained hereunder:

  • Before uploading invoices of the customers, a user has to sort all the XML files and then put them in a folder and finally zip it. However, with one of the Best Accounting Software, namely UiPath software, it is completed in only a few minutes. The user is only left for allowing the robot to access the relevant files and folders on the computer.
  • The final step of uploading the zipped files is also done by the RPA. The user can sit back and concentrate on other important matters as the RPA logs in to the user account and finishes the uploading.
  • The Bookkeeping Software helps in keeping records of various clients and customers that the banks deal with. Also, a user can access the data at any time and from anywhere, since they are stored in the cloud.

#4 Impacts of the benefits of implementing RPA

Accounting software or programmed applications are implemented in an organization to optimize the time and effort for a particular task. Robotic automation is no exception and it hugely saves plenty of clock hours for regular mundane back-office banking jobs.

Having RPA in a financial organization can be greatly impactful, and they are listed as follows:

  • The manual processing of every data and keeping them under a folder is minimized.
  • The handling of multiple excel sheets becomes easier and prone to lesser errors.
  • The RPA drafts report easily by accessing the huge amount of data collected before.
  • Inventory Management becomes simpler.
  • Robotic automation also manages multiple data sources in an effective manner to draw out the necessary information while preparing reports.
  • RPA also minimizes the effort in the manual merging of data, wherever required, as it is quite a time-consuming task and prone to errors.
  • Periodic checks for discrepancies are performed by RPA, thus enabling an organization to be updated about the latest trends of the marketplace.

The technology solves these nuisances and a study shows that the tasks are completed in a 50% lesser time duration than it took before incorporating the automation facilities.

Final Note

This Cloud-based Accounting Software has completely taken over the financial workplaces, and instead enforced an upgraded workspace from the employees. Due to which, these are widely gaining recognition all over the world. 

The advantages that RPA provides are the main reasons why the organizations are switching to these technologies. Accountants feel less over-worked and are more enthusiasts towards up-skilling themselves rather than spending time and effort on tedious and repetitive jobs. As a whole, the company improves its consulting departments and customer satisfaction with positive feedback is also enhanced.

Nowadays, almost every finance firm or a bank uses Small Business Accounting Software for their regular tasks. It can be thus said that technology changes the face of an organization on one hand, and on the other, it improvises the working culture and leaves scope for up-skilling the accountants and financial personnel.

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