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Reasons why Cloud-Accounting Software is the need of the hour
March 2, 2020
Advantages of Automated Accounting Process
Advantages of Automated Accounting Process
March 16, 2020

Trends that will Revolutionize CPA Firms


There is no end to the changes that take place in our lives. We do not remember the beginning but we know what the current trends are. Digitalization has brought about so many changes in everyone’s life that we are next to becoming dependent on gadgets only for our everyday chores. This reminds me of an orthodox doctor, Dr. Jonathan. He was so rigid that he could never rely on anyone for his job. Gadgets had no place in his life. Then came a time when all his competitors were minting money but he stood exactly where he started. There was no change in his lifestyle or financial growth. He was worried to eventually find out that the doctors in his arena had taken to digital trends. They had started using advanced tools and software that made the lives of patients easier and saved time.

This news was the stepping stone for Dr. Jonathan. He, without any further adieu, walked on the footprints of those successful doctors. Today, he has more people visiting him for consultation than they used to. There was no doubt he was an esteemed doctor. Only the digitalization techniques were missing. He added them and there was no looking back. CPA firms are no different. They have aggressive competition and what can change the way your firm had been visualized will depend on seven digital accounting trends in 2020. Continue reading and know about those revolutionary changes that have been trending. If you have not taken advantage of that trend, install accounting software right away and be the change you want to see.

  1. Internet will be the Game Changer

    While most of the organizations of CPA may be working manually and happily content, the trend is soon taking a back seat. The internet will be the fuel for all CPA firms’ work. While other industries have already started this, you can’t be lagging behind. With this, most of the data that you deal with will be stored in the computer rather than on some flimsy paper that can be easily played with.

  2. Cloud Accounting Software will Find its Rightful Place

    There is no denying the fact that some of the CPA firms have already started the use of amazing cloud software such as HostBooks, there are a few that still need some more clarification. Old school thought doesn’t get erased easily. This is one of the strongest reasons CPA firms have not yet decided about cloud software. On the other hand, such software is doing wonders for industries including CPA related. The first step is required for exploring what cloud software has in store for CPAs. Accounting and maintenance of accounting data will be safe and instantly available to all the stakeholders.

  3. Automation will lead the industry

    There are several account-related jobs such as maintenance of purchase orders, payroll management, asset management, expense claim and more. These jobs can’t be accomplished perfectly by manual way of working and accounting. There is always a smart way that you can apply just like the doctor did. HostBooks is the software that helps in automating accounting and work related to it.

  4. Younger Generation will Take Over

    We all know that terms like business accounting software, digitalization, etc. are more familiar with the new generation. While there are people who are senior in their experience and age but soon the CPA firms will be flooded by the younger generation who are tech-savvy. More than firms hiring them, it is they who will decide which firm to join. This trend has already started and it will go on. Are you in one of those firms that believe in following the digital trend of accounting?

  5. Software with DIY Feature

    DIY or Do It Yourself is no more Greek to anyone. Everyone who is a social media addict or active will definitely understand what the phrase means. HostBooks is that cloud accounting software that enables one to do many things without anyone else’s help. In short, you don’t have to rely on others to understand a task or even fetch any data. It saves time. If all this while, you had been relying on the best accountant of your firm for getting any information, you may bid goodbye to those days. Your life is going to get easy.

  6. Change in Eligibility Criteria for an Accountant

    The set standard for hiring an accountant in any CPA firm is going to undergo a drastic change. With software like HostBooks doing all the complex job of accounting, even if one is not a professional in the field of accounting may get hired as an accountant. One needs to have the basics in place for being noticed. Accountants, these days are required to do other jobs in their industry too. There will be dynamic eligibility criteria that one can see in the future.

  7. Get Accountantsto help you from anywhere

    With the software installed in the CPA firms for the task of accounting, you will have more clients being interested in what you do. Moreover, a client can get help from your accountants or CPAs from any part of this world. The flexibility is going to change and make life comfortable for everyone. Accounting job is going to get global more than local. Someone who is a freelancer can also get this software and ensure that he or she gets clients from around the globe.

With so much that one can do with the digital trend in the field of accounting, CPA firms will definitely see a rise in revenue as well as visibility. With the best cloud accounting software, CPA firms will see a new dawn of an era that will have the same meaning of accounting but with the twist that will be beneficial for everyone.

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