Single client management
portal for all your business

Use one set of login credentials to access everything from
your dashboard.

No credit card required, cancel anytime


Reduce instances of "forgot password"

While passwords help to protect your system, remembering multiple passwords can be hard. With single sign-on, you can streamline the process of signing on and using HostBooks accounting software.


Access all the right tool and apps

Businesses are relying on more and more apps just to get their work done. Single sign-on (SSO) in HostBooks provides easier access to all the tools and apps needed to meet accounting needs.


Lower IT-related

With the client management portal, you can effortlessly manage your team members access to our accounting software without troubling the IT team. You might even save money spent on IT costs.


Easy to set up and

You can easily invite new users to the HostBooks cloud accounting software, while also giving them access as a manager, auditor or bookkeeper for seamless collaboration.


Boost productivity and
save time

Easily access all the resources that you need from one convenient portal, saving time and enhancing your productivity. This allows you to put more time into growing your business.

A rundown on how HostBooks
client management portal benefits you


Ensures convenience by providing all the resources at a single place


Promotes better security and compliance


Lower IT costs while improving overall efficiency


Reduces the need to remember multiple passwords


Improved usability to do more in less time

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Client Management Portal

What is client management portal?

The client management portal in HostBooks accounting software enables users to access everything they need from a single convenient location. This allows them to seamlessly access multiple businesses using one set of username and password credentials. Meet all accounting needs under one login.

Client management portal with single sign-on authentication streamlines the process of managing business finances, while also eliminating the need to remember multiple credentials. Moreover, SSO makes it easy for you to log in to and use HostBooks online accounting software, improving efficiency and saving time spent on accounting tasks.

After logging into the accounting software, you will need to click on the User Management option. Then, enter the contact details of the new user such as first name, last name, and email address. Next, select the business for which you want to give access to and then you can select the user's role like Manager, Auditor or Bookkeeper.

Our accounting software can be integrated with some of the popular apps like Avalara, Yodlee, Stripe, and Execupay. This not only helps you to save time but also allows you to run your business effortlessly.

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management portal works?