Protect your privacy with
role-based access control

Allow your team to access the information they need to do their jobs, preventing them from accessing additional information.

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Keep tabs on who can access your data

Set up user roles and permissions for your team members based on their expertise. The User Management Module in HostBooks allows you to take control of who can access your company's sensitive data.


Collaborate with your team and save time

Focus more on evaluating your business performance while automation reduces the time spent on managing the compliance. Our software development processes are in sync with tax laws; helping you stay compliant.

Add multiple users to boost productivity

HostBooks role-based access control software lets you add new users with customized roles and responsibilities. You can give access to the data and applications that a user needs to complete his job.


Access information
in real-time

By customizing access by role, you can give access to the user in real-time. You can also seamlessly collaborate with your accounting team by giving them access to your data.


Increase accuracy with

HostBooks accounting software enables you to add multiple users with role-based access to specific features and modules. This allows users to access real-time information, reducing errors and increasing accuracy.


Get more done in
less time

Collaborate with your auditor and bookkeeper by adding them to your account and giving limited user access. Get things done the right way and save time for things that matter.

How HostBooks role-based access
control benefits you?


Keep track of what your users are up to with our audit log


Control who has access to your business information


Improve the security standards


Easily remove users or change their permissions


Control multiple access across multiple segments


Users get access to what they need and nothing more


Maximize your operational efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Role Base-Access Control

What is role-based access control?

It is a method that allows you to add multiple users to your HostBooks account by defining specific roles and privileges. It is one of the crucial features for businesses that are using a cloud-based platform.

Some of the major benefits of using role-based access control software include a reduction in administrative tasks and IT support, maximized operational efficiency, and improved compliance. Best of all, you can ensure that each user has access to what they need and nothing more. You can protect your data from getting into the wrong hands.

After logging into the accounting software, click on the User Management option. Then, enter the details such as first name, last name, and email address of the new user that you wish to add.

The number of users that you can add to your account will depend on the HostBooks accounting plan that you chose for your business. For more information, you can visit the pricing page.

There are mainly three accounting roles that you can assign in HostBooks i.e. Manager, Auditor, and Bookkeeper. For this, you need to first log in to your HostBooks account and then click on the User Management tab. Now, you will need to enter the user information. For the last field (Invite For), select Accounting and then select the role for which you want to invite the user. HostBooks also gives you the option to create custom roles.

What roles can be assigned in HostBooks
accounting software?