Sagar Ratna


Established in 1994, Sagar Ratna is a leading sweets and confectionery brand from Gujarat. Currently, Sagar Ratna manages over 30 retail outlets ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet in size, strategically located in key business and residential areas in Ahmedabad and across the state of Gujarat.

The Problem

In the bustling world of Sagar Ratna, its Operations Head, found himself during a challenging saga. The company was wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple systems, tangled in a web of manual processes, and sorely lacking a centralized control hub. These issues were exacting a toll on the very essence of their operations - efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

As the business scaled new heights, the chinks in the operational armour became increasingly conspicuous. It was no longer just a matter of inconvenience; it was a growing impediment to the company's ability to navigate the competitive landscape. The strains were evident in the delayed processes, the manual errors that crept in, and the struggle to keep pace with the demands of a thriving enterprise.

Recognizing the urgent need for a remedy, he set out on a quest for a comprehensive solution that would bring order to the chaos. Automation emerged as the hero in this narrative. He envisioned a future where routine manual processes would be replaced by streamlined, automated workflows. It was not merely about convenience; it was about reclaiming lost time and ensuring that every operation moved with the swiftness demanded by the industry.

The desire for centralized management became the guiding star in his quest. He yearned for a platform that would provide a panoramic view of Sagar Ratna' operations, enabling him to steer the ship with precision. Real-time insights, swift decision-making, and a cohesive orchestration of every department – these were the elements that would transform the operational landscape.

The Solution

HB FnB360, a comprehensive business automation solution platform tailored for the food and beverage industry, emerged as a beacon of hope amid the challenges faced by Sagar Ratna.

The platform provided a robust answer to the conundrum with its centralized recipe management, seamless integration of the central warehouse store with outlet stores, and an efficient point of sale (POS) system, all encapsulated within a single platform.

The boon of Centralized Recipe Management bestowed upon Sagar Ratna the ability to uphold uniform product quality across all outlets. Every recipe found its abode in a centralized repository, granting easy accessibility to all outlets. This not only improved overall efficiency but also ensured a steadfast maintenance of consistency in product offerings.

The Integrated Warehouse and Outlet Store Management system within the FnB360 platform alleviated the complexities of inventory management for Sagar Ratna. This integration seamlessly orchestrated supply chain operations, guaranteeing timely and efficient distribution to all outlets.

The introduction of the Integrated FnB360 POS System revolutionized the sales management landscape. With a centralized POS system at their disposal, the corporate team could effortlessly oversee sales from every outlet. The result? Faster and more accurate sales reports, injecting a dose of efficiency into the decision-making process.

FnB360 didn't stop there. It ushered in Automated Distribution, a game-changer that streamlined distribution processes. This automation not only slashed manual efforts but also minimized the room for errors, providing a significant boost to the overall distribution efficiency.

In the face of operational tribulations, FnB360 emerged as the knight in shining armour for Sagar Ratna, offering a unified and efficient platform that not only addressed their immediate concerns but also paved the way for a smoother and more prosperous operational journey.

Results and Impact

Following the implementation of FnB360, Sagar Ratna witnessed a remarkable transformation in their business operations, marked by tangible results. One of the standout achievements was an impressive 80% reduction in report-related issues, underscoring the platform's effectiveness in elevating accuracy and efficiency within the organization.

The unified nature of the system played a pivotal role in fostering smoother and more streamlined operations for Sagar Ratna. This translated into a substantial reduction in both time and effort invested in managing the diverse network of outlets. With the convergence of various functions onto a single platform, FnB360 created a cohesive operational environment that significantly streamlined the day-to-day activities of Sagar Ratna.

The centralized management capabilities offered by FnB360 emerged as a cornerstone for Sagar Ratna. This centralized approach enabled the company to operate with a newfound level of cohesion and consistency across all facets of their business. As a result, the operational efficiency of Sagar Ratna witnessed a substantial enhancement, creating a ripple effect that positively impacted various aspects of their business. The post-implementation scenario was not just about adopting a new platform but about achieving tangible and transformative outcomes.