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What Is Online Accounting Software?

Software that performs different bookkeeping tasks is known as accounting software. It is utilised to conduct different commercial transactions and keep track of financial information about an organisation.The accounting software works with the help of the internet, meaning you may join from any device that can access the web, such as a computer or smartphone. The cloud is the name given to this area of the internet where you can access your data. As a result of being continually linked to the internet, online accounting software receives data and gets updated. Software for accounting performs various financial functions such as generating e-invoices and GST calculations while following business compliances.


Why Choose HostBooks Billing And Accounting Software


Real-Time Business Updates

HostBooks accounting software helps in the creation of multiple companies and the real-time collaboration by various users on the same company profile. When your information is stored on the cloud, various users within the organization can gain a completely contemporary view of your current business situation. Making financial decisions concerning the company's future and finances will be easier with this information at hand. If you use a standard accounting software method, you would have to search through pages of data only to check out-of-date reports. By receiving real-time financial information through accounting software for small businesses, you can now meet the demands of a swiftly expanding firm.

Reduced Paperwork

The paperwork is decreased with the use of business accounting software. It maintains a list of all the versions that different users have made and updated.


Lesser Expenditure on IT infrastructure

With any-time, anywhere access, HostBooks accounting software saves your IT costs, minimizes technology risks, and boosts productivity.

Full Data Accuracy

The chances of errors in accounting are significantly reduced when using online accounting software because all the crucial financial data is entered in one location and is calculated automatically. You can access a precise report whenever you need one if you are recording income and expenses and categorizing the transaction.

As opposed to working on an excel sheet, you don't need to learn new accounting procedures, formulae, shortcuts, etc. Make sure you are regularly entering your revenue and expenses into the software for accounting if you want an accurate report.


Data Backup and Restoration 

In the event that your financial data is lost, you don’t have to worry. Your company can save time and money by being able to restore the most recent backup through HostBooks cloud accounting software in India. Depending on the size of your business, starting again could take days or even weeks. The knowledge that you have a data backup and can recover it is invaluable.

Easy Scalability 

The resources are easily scaled up and down automatically using HostBooks online accounting software based on the demand of the organization.


Continuous Technical Support 

If you run into any problems when handling your finances, you can contact the HostBooks Team at any time. We're happy to assist you 7 days a week!

Advanced Level Of Data Security

Secure and undamaged data is ensured by using Transport Security Layer 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption (HTTP at SSL Level).


Features of HostBooks Business Accounting Software

Easily Navigable Dashboard

The dynamic dashboard of business accounting software from HostBooks is created to offer users a smooth user experience and easy access to data and information. Also, graphical representation makes the data easily understandable.


Helps Manage Responsibilities

Managing roles and responsibilities can be customized in the HostBooks user management module. In accordance with their knowledge or needs, the software helps to provide access as per their job role.


Reconciliation of Bank Statements Using AI

When comparing bank statements and transactions recorded in books of accounts, Hostbook's AI-based bank reconciliation recommends and syncs the matching of relevant entries.


Valuation of Stock

Online accounting software for small businesses helps maintain a record of acquisitions, disposition, and current stock levels. With LIFO, FIFO, and average cost, you may also quickly determine the value of the commodities.


Journal vouchers

You can record asset, production, and manual Journal vouchers that help to  make all kinds of adjustment entries like credit sales, purchase, fixed asset purchase etc.


Compliance With Tax Law

With the aid of multiple tax rates, tax categories, and tax ledgers, you can manage statutory business compliances like Income tax, GST or TDS.


Procure To Pay Process

Accounting software keeps everything in order, whether it's managing the approval cycle, issuing a purchase order, or preserving vendor master data.


Fixed Asset Module

You can utilize HostBooks' business accounting software to manage fixed assets and keep an eye on their lifespan, method of depreciation, cycle, and disposition.


Financial Process Automation

40+ Analytical reports help you to manage, examine, and present financial data. So neither the reporting rules nor the chart of accounts seem complicated.


One Portal for multiple Business Entities 

The unique customer portal allows you to easily and quickly monitor business activities, filing status, and other information for your various business entities.













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Ledger Code Management righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Contact Import righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Cheque Printing righttick-icon righttick-iconrighttick-icon
Bulk Credit Allocation righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

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Item Level Custom field righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Flipkart/ Amazon/ Meesho Imports righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Automated Collection and Reconciliatons via HB Elite righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Credit Limit Alert righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Agent Mapping righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
E-invoice Generation/ Cancellationcross-icon righttick-icon (500 API)righttick-iconrighttick-icon (1000 API)

Generate IRN/E-Invoices righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Purchase Invoice/ Bill/ Bill of Supply Generationrighttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Customised List Page Setting righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Direct Payment - Neobanking righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
GRN vs Invoice Management righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Generate IRN/E-Invoices righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Direct Payment - Neobanking righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Multi Depreciation Method righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Auto Computation of Depreciation & Gain/loss on disposal righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Sales/ Purchase/ Repeating Journal righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Import of Journal righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon
Manufacturing Journal righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Schedule III righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

Cost Center and Category righttick-iconrighttick-iconrighttick-icon

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FAQ About Accounting Software

Online accounting software in India from HostBooks is the best accounting software for small businesses.

With the help of accounting software, users may send online invoices, manage bills, perform bank reconciliations, handle taxes, keep track of business spending, and much more.

One of the most user-friendly accounting programs is HostBooks. It is the best cloud accounting software for small businesses in India. You can track spending, manage clients, make and send invoices, and examine reports.

Accounting software for small businesses helps you manage the financial data of your company, ranging from basic billing and invoicing to tax calculations and project management. Moreover, it supports the smooth and steady growth of your small business by assisting with client administration, reconciling bank accounts, and the generation of analytical financial reports. Get yourself the best accounting software for small businesses in India from HostBooks.

HostBook's business accounting software costs ₹5499 plus 18% GST.

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