Rule – 40F, Part VIIC not to apply after a certain date
March 22, 2018
Rule – 42, Prescribed authority for tax clearance certificates
March 22, 2018

Rule – 41, Refund claim

41. (1) A claim for refund under Chapter XIX shall be made in Form No. 30.

(2) The claim under sub-rule (1) shall be accompanied by a return in the form prescribed under section 139 unless the claimant has already made such a return to the 61[Assessing Officer].

(3) Where any part of the total income of a person making a claim for refund of tax consists of dividends or any other income from which tax has been deducted under the provisions of sections 192 to 194 62[, section 194A and section 195], the claim shall be accompanied by the certificates prescribed under section 203.

(4) The claim under sub-rule (1) may be presented by the claimant in person or through a duly authorised agent or may be sent by post.


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