Rule – 73, Withdrawal within twelve months before retirement
March 27, 2018
Rule – 75, Limits for contributions
March 27, 2018

Rule – 74, Accounts

74. (1) The accounts of a provident fund shall be prepared at intervals of not more than twelve months.

(2) An account shall be maintained for each subscriber to the fund and it shall include the particulars shown in Form No. 41.

(3) Where the accounts of a provident fund are kept outside India, certified copies of the accounts shall be supplied not later than the 15th June in each year to a local representative of the employer in India :

Provided that the 96[Assessing Officer] may in any year appoint a date later than the 15th June as the date by which the certified copies shall be supplied.

97[(4) An abstract for the financial year or other applicable accounting period of the individual account of each employee participating in a provident fund shall be furnished by the trustees to the Assessing Officer of the area in which the accounts of the fund are kept or if the accounts are kept outside India, to the Assessing Officer of the area in which the local headquarters of the employer are situated, not later than the fifteenth day of June in each year or any other subsequent date fixed by the Assessing Officer. It shall be in the form prescribed in sub-rule (2) of this rule, but shall show only the totals of the various columns thereof for the financial year or other accounting period. It shall also give an account of any temporary withdrawals by the employee during the year and of the repayment thereof. Similar abstract shall also be furnished in respect of other employees participating in a provident fund who come within the purview of sub-rule (1) of rule 75.]

(5) The account to be made under the provisions of sub-rule (1) of rule 11 of Part A of the Fourth Schedule shall show in respect of each employee (i) the total salary paid to the employee during the period of his participation in the provident fund, (ii) the total contributions, (iii) the total interest which has accrued thereon, and (iv) so far as may be, the percentage of the employee’s salary in accordance with which contributions have been made by the employer and employee.

98[(6) Every employer shall, as soon as possible, after the close of each financial year, send to each member, a statement of his account in the fund showing the opening balance at the beginning of the period, amount contributed during the year, the total amount of interest credited at the end of the period or debited in the period and the closing balance at the end of the period.]


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