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Hostbooks Cloud Accounting Platform opens up a world of possibilities the way you run your business & simplifies your life completely.

  • Run your Business from Anywhere

    Access your business finances anytime, anywhere from any device.

  • Understand your daily financial position

    Know how are you doing financially every day, 24x7 from anywhere. Check your bank balances, daily sales & purchases, invoice status, outstanding bills & anything else that’s important at the click of a button

  • Collaborate with your accountant, book-keepers and teams

    Give your accountants and staff access they need to do their jobs. Drive next level of productivity with remote teams

  • Protect your business data

    We use bank grade 256 Bit encryption and adhere to GDPR compliances to make sure your business data fully secure and protected from any attacks


Hostbooks Invoice Processing Software jump starts the purchase-to-pay cycle by automating screening, scanning, processing and filing of invoices – whether they come in electronic or paper format



Fast, Friendly, Easy-to-use CRM tool


Marketing Management Suite

  • Digital campaign
  • Robust reporting
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Mail-chimp integration

Sales Suite

  • Visibility of ongoing deals & sales funnel
  • Sales analytics
  • Sales Pipeline tagging
  • Mobile integration

Customer Service Suite

  • Live Chat
  • Reports & Audit
  • Ticketing
  • Email & Phone support

Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Complete customer lifecycle tracking
  • Automated & personalized emails

Digital Document Management System

Automate complex accounting & Bookkeeping, 24x7, anywhere at scale.


10GB Free Secure Storage

  • Bank grade security with 256 Bit Encryption
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible scale up & scale down storage space depending on business need

Easy Storage, Access & Sharing

  • Store your invoices, returns, contracts, records in an organized file system
  • Easy indexing, storage, search & retrieval
  • Secure & instant sharing share with customers, employees, accountants & others
  • Comprehensive access control features

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