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  • e-Return filing under 3 minutes: Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ.
  • 80% time saving in data entry with bulk import and integration.
  • TRACES Integration for one click Form 16, 12BA, 12BB, Quarterly 16A & 27D generation.
  • Centralized corrections, default notices and Justification reports handling.
  • Error-proofing TDS/TCS Returns with data validation and smart error detection.
TDS Return Software

1.Import Data Fast
from Excel & Conso Files

2.Updated till
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3.Multi User

Return Preparation

Software for TDS/TCS Return Filing

Key Capabilities of Our e-TDS Software for Maximum Compliance

Make tour your Tax deduction experience effortless with software for TDS Return filing software


Streamlined TDS Filing

Simplify the process of filing TDS returns with automated software, eliminating manual errors and saving time.


Accuracy and Compliance

Ensure accurate Tax Deducted at Source calculations and stay compliant with the latest tax laws and regulations.

Time Savings

Time and Cost Savings

Save valuable time and reduce administrative costs by automating TDS return preparation and submission.


Timely Reminders

Receive timely reminders and notifications for TDS filing deadlines, ensuring timely compliance.

Error Detection

Error Detection and Correction

Detect and rectify errors in TDS filing promptly, minimizing the risk of penalties and legal complications.


Comprehensive Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports and summaries of TDS deductions, facilitating easy analysis and record-keeping.


Enhanced Efficiency

Improve overall operational efficiency by streamlining TDS return processes and reducing manual paperwork.


Seamless Integration

Integrate the software for TDS return with existing accounting systems for seamless data transfer and reconciliation.

Why Choose HostBooks TDS Filing Software?

Cloud Based Cloud-Based Convenience: Experience the freedom of cloud-based software, allowing you to access and manage your TDS data anytime, anywhere, with enhanced flexibility and convenience.

PAN/TAN PAN/TAN Validation: Ensure accuracy and compliance by seamlessly validating PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) for deductees and deductors, respectively.

Data TransferEasy Integration: Seamlessly integrate HostBooks TDS software with your existing accounting systems, enabling smooth data transfer and eliminating the hassle of manual data entry.

AffordableAffordable Solution: Benefit from an affordable TDS software solution that offers robust features and functionalities, providing value for your investment without compromising on quality.

Error Validation Multi-Stage Error Validation: Mitigate the risk of errors with multi-stage error validation, ensuring that your TDS data is accurate and in compliance with the latest tax regulations.

Deduction Unlimited Deductees and Deductors: Enjoy the flexibility of managing an unlimited number of deductees and deductors within the software, accommodating the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Security Bank-Grade Security: Rest assured knowing that your TDS data is protected with bank-grade security measures, including encryption and secure storage, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

User Interface Intuitive User Interface: Experience an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the TDS management process, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and perform tasks efficiently.

Features of e-TDS Software

HostBooks cloud-based TDS software offers a comprehensive range of features to simplify and streamline the TDS filing process.


Online TDS/TCS Return Filing

Seamlessly file TDS/TCS returns online, eliminating manual paperwork and saving time.


TRACES Integration

Integrate with TRACES for easy access to TDS data , forms, filing status, challan data and other data.


TDS/TCS Certificates Generation

Generate 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ certificates, ensuring compliance with certificate issuance requirements.

Import & Export

Bulk Export/Import Facility

Easily export or import TDS data in bulk from/to excel formats, simplifying data management.


Late Fee and Interest Calculation

Easily export or import TDS data in bulk from/to excel formats, simplifying data management.

PAN Verification

Bulk PAN Verification

Verify PAN (Permanent Account Number) in bulk, ensuring accuracy in TDS deductions and compliance.

Conso File

Conso File Import

Import consolidated (conso) files withing the online TDS software, simplifying return revising process.


Challan Generation

Generate accurate ITNS 281 / Challan 281 effortlessly, ensuring proper tax payments.


Challan E-payment

Make TDS challan payments online, eliminating banking issues and cumbersome deposit process.

Accurate Matching

Challan Matching

Match challans with TDS deductions seamlessly, ensuring accurate reconciliation and compliance.

Return Report

Report Generation Facility

Generate comprehensive reports for TDS return, calculations, deductions, and filings, facilitating analysis and record-keeping.

Taxable Salary

Taxable Salary Calculation

Calculate taxable salary accurately both as per new and old slab rate, considering all deductions.


Integrated FUV Validation

Validate File Validation Utility (FVU) and correct errors in TDS returns for smooth filing.

Correction Statement

Correction Statement Preparation

Prepare correction statements for any errors or discrepancies in previously filed TDS returns.

Return Status

Online Return Status

Check the status of TDS returns online, providing real-time updates on the filing process.

Document Downloads

Request Downloads

Easily request and download various TDS-related documents, forms, and utilities.

TDS Return Filing Process with HostBooks Cloud Based TDS Software

Filing TDS returns using HostBooks TDS software is a simple and straight for ward process. Here's a step-by-step guide.

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1. Data Import/Fill : Import or Fill deductor and deductee data into the software using the bulk import feature. You can import data from various sources such as Excel files or directly from your accounting software.

2. Data Validation : Validate the imported data to ensure accuracy and completeness. The software will highlight any errors or inconsistencies for you to review and correct.

3. TDS Calculation : The software will calculate the TDS amounts based on the imported data and applicable tax rates. Verify the calculations to ensure accuracy.

4. Challan Generation : Generate TDS challans using the software. Enter the necessary details, such as tax deposit amount, payment mode, and bank information.

5. Verification and Correction : Verify the generated challans and rectify any errors or discrepancies if needed. Ensure that the challans match the TDS amounts calculated.

6. Generate TDS Return : With all the necessary data validated and the challans in place, generate the TDS return file in FUV file.

7. Online Filing : Submit the TDS return file online through the designated government portal or platform. The software may provide direct integration with the filing portal for seamless submission.

8. Acknowledgment and Tracking : After filing, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt from the government portal. HostBooks TDS return filing software provides TDS return status tracking feature.

What is Price of Our TDS Software?

HostBooks cloud based TDS software is one of the most affordable TDS software in India

Features Small Business Plan CA / Professional Plan
TDS Calculations
Form Generation
Bulk Import/Export
Error Detection
Challan Verification
Unlimited Deductee
Unlimited Deductors
Customizable Pricing
Return Filed

2.24 Lakh +

Return Filed

Years of Trust

8+ Years

of Trust




FAQs about TDS/TCS Filing Software

TDS software refers to specialized software designed to automate and simplify the process of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) management. It helps businesses and professionals accurately calculate, deduct, and file TDS returns in compliance with tax regulations.

The cost of TDS software for return filing varies depending on factors such as the features offered, the size of the business, and the specific requirements. Prices can range from monthly subscription fees to one-time purchases. It is advisable to check with TDS software providers for detailed pricing information.

Installing TDS software typically involves download the software from the provider's website and installing it. You can use Cloud based TDS software without installation.

The cost of TDS return software can vary depending on the software provider and the features included. Monthly pricing options are available, and the cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand rupees per month.

The sales limit for TDS depends on the nature of the transaction and the applicable tax laws. The specific threshold for TDS applicability may vary for different types of transactions, such as goods sales, services, or specific categories of income.

Some of the popular options include HostBooks TDS, ClearTDS, and Saral TDS. HostBooks is oone of the best TDS software in India that provides numerous features at affordable cost.

If there is an excess deduction or if the deductee is eligible for a lower TDS rate or exemption, they can claim a refund by filing their income tax return.

Any individual, business, or professional who is required to deduct TDS as per the Income Tax Act is recommended to use software for TDS return filing. This includes employers, contractors, freelancers, professionals, and anyone making specified payments subject to TDS.

The limit for TDS depends on the nature of the transaction and the applicable tax laws. The specific threshold for TDS applicability may vary for different types of transactions, contract payment, professional fees, etc. Check TDS rate chart with limit for detailed information.

The cost of TDS filing will depend up the number of employees and number of payments your business make every month. You can reduce your cost of TDS filing by using HostBooks TDS return filing software.

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is calculated by applying a specified TDS rate on the income or payment being made, and the calculated tax amount is deducted from the payment before it is paid to the deductee.

Traces (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) is an online platform offered by the Income Tax Department through The primary purposes of this platform are as follows:

  1. Viewing taxes paid online by payers and deductors.
  2. Viewing deposit challans for tax deductors.
  3. Correcting TDS returns with wrong data.
  4. Providing section-wise TDS, TCS rates, and income tax slab rates.

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