Section – 115Q : When company is deemed to be in default
March 1, 2018
Section – 115QB : Interest payable for non-payment of tax by company
March 1, 2018

Section – 115QA : Tax on distributed income to shareholders

115QA. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other provi- sion of this Act, in addition to the income-tax chargeable in respect of the total income of a domestic company for any assessment year, any amount of distributed income by the company on buy-back of shares (not being shares listed on a recognised stock exchange) from a shareholder shall be charged to tax and such company shall be liable to pay additional income-tax at the rate of twenty per cent on the distributed income.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this section,—

(i) “buy-back” means purchase by a company of its own shares in accordance with the provisions of 86[any law for the time being in force relating to companies];

(ii) “distributed income” means the consideration paid by the company on buy-back of shares as reduced by 87[the amount, which was received by the company for issue of such shares, determined in the manner as may be prescribed88].

(2) Notwithstanding that no income-tax is payable by a domestic company on its total income computed in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the tax on the distributed income under sub-section (1) shall be payable by such company.

(3) The principal officer of the domestic company and the company shall be liable to pay the tax to the credit of the Central Government within fourteen days from the date of payment of any consideration to the shareholder on buy-back of shares referred to in sub-section (1).

(4) The tax on the distributed income by the company shall be treated as the final payment of tax in respect of the said income and no further credit therefor shall be claimed by the company or by any other person in respect of the amount of tax so paid.

(5) No deduction under any other provision of this Act shall be allowed to the company or a shareholder in respect of the income which has been charged to tax under sub-section (1) or the tax thereon.

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