Section – 35CCB : Expenditure by way of payment to associations and institutions for carrying out programmes of conservation of natural resources
February 28, 2018
Section – 35CCD : Expenditure on skill development project
February 28, 2018

Section – 35CCC : Expenditure on agricultural extension project

35CCC. (1) Where an assessee incurs any expenditure on agricultural extension project notified by the Board in this behalf in accordance with the guidelines as may be prescribed87, then, there shall be allowed a deduction of a sum equal to one and one-half times of such expenditure :

88[Provided that for the assessment year beginning on or after the 1st day of April, 2021, the provisions of this sub-section shall have effect as if for the words “a sum equal to one and one-half times of”, the words “a sum equal to” had been substituted.]

(2) Where a deduction under this section is claimed and allowed for any assessment year in respect of any expenditure referred to in sub-section (1), deduction shall not be allowed in respect of such expenditure under any other provisions of this Act for the same or any other assessment year.

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